Welcome to Bonus Town 🤠

Warning!!!! This is not only bonus town – it’s SPOILER TOWN! If you haven’t read the accompanying book, the bonus material is going to spoil you. And I don’t mean spoil you as in you get a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine and a book and no one bothering you. No, I mean spoil as in the milk has gone off and will make your tummy ache. You have been warned!!!

Bonus Material Cash & the Sinners Series

Indigo’s never been to a rock concert before. This isn’t the way she expected it to turn out.

Dylan arrives home from a concert tour to find Ginny crying. What’s wrong? And how can he fix it?

Bonus Material The Bragg Brothers Series

It’s been a year since Riley ‘moved’ Moon in with him. Does Riley have another surprise up his sleeve for his love?

Miller’s ready to move to step 2 of his plan to tie Eden to him permanently. But is Eden ready? 

Find out how Elder surprises Harmony – again.

The go-bag is ready. Soleil is definitely ready. Is Brody ready for the birth of their child?

Last year Love Hill surprised Damon and his daughter Skye at the first snow. This year, it’s Damon’s turn to surprise Love. 

Bonus Material Winter Falls ~ Dempsey Sisters Series

Phoenix is full of sweet surprises for his Gabby. And she’s got a sexy surprise of her own to spring on him. 

Are you wondering how a former player handles Valentine’s Day? Read the bonus material to find out!

Wondering how Cassie the ‘I don’t deserve love’-woman is doing with Cedar the wanderer after a few years of marriage? Read the bonus material to find out!

Wondering how Peace handles it when he loses a bet with Olivia and has to try yoga? Olivia’s the one who gets the surprise of a lifetime!

Bonus Material Winter Falls Series

As if surprising Aspen with an engagement ring wasn’t enough, Lyric has another surprise up his sleeve for his girl.

Ashlyn is up to something. Of course, she is. Isn’t she always? But will her surprise for Rowan break his heart? 

You’re not going to want to miss this bonus! Spoiler alert: There’s a baby!

Hairspray, girdle, make-up, and scary high high-heels. Is this a disaster in the making?

When Beckett insists on accompanying Lilac to a conference, will she let her fun side out to play?

Bonus Material Love will OUT Series

Heat and sparks explode when Aiden joins Hailey on a sting operation.


What happens when Phoebe joins Ryker to catch a bounty?


Has Suzie got a surprise for Grayson! This bonus epilogue will have you laughing out loud at the antics Suzie (and her mom!) get up to next. 


Max and Faith’s love story continues with a surprise from Max.

The tickets are bought. The reservations are made. Max is ready to give the love of his life another surprise. He doesn’t realize it’s going to be the surprise of her life.


Wally is not done surprising Chrissie. He’s got another surprise up his sleeve to wow her. But will she be wowed? Or will she give him a piece of her mind? 


When Barney takes Valerie to a stable in the middle of nowhere, she’s confused about what’s he up to – until she sees what’s behind the barn door. Then, she’s all in. 

Bonus Material Love in the Suburbs Series

How did Frankie end up trapped at Grandma’s house?

This is the story of Frankie’s accident. Of how she ended up with a scar she’s embarrassed of on her face and scars on her leg she has no plans to show anyone – ever. 

Bailey and Roman’s love story continues with this bonus chapter. Read all about their special day in New York City.

What does billionaire Roman have planned for their city adventure?

This epilogue gives you more from Violet and Luke and their crazy crew of friends. 

Will Violet get the dream wedding she’s always wanted?

Bonus Material Love in the Lowlands Series

Niels has put together the surprise of Avery’s life. Only once everything’s arranged, Avery’s got a surprise of her own. One that’s going to knock his Dutch socks clean off his massive feet. 

Not ready to say good-bye to Mia and Matthijs? Me either! So, I wrote a fun extra chapter.