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When it comes to marketing your book, you need one-liners, tears, excerpts, taglines… The list goes on and on. While writing, you’ll want to some great one-liners to share on social media. Then, when it’s time to launch, you’ll need teasers and excerpts. And after the book launch, you’ll need dialogue for Facebook ads, snappy lines for Amazon ads, taglines for Bookbub ads. You get the idea. Marketing your book can be a real time suck. It’s even worse when you haven’t prepared properly.

What do I mean by preparing properly? Instead of waiting until it’s time to market your novel to come up with those great snippets from your novel, prepare while you’re actually writing. While writing and editing, make a second document with all the possible teasers and excerpts. Something makes you laugh? Copy and paste it to the document. Something makes you swoon? Again, copy and paste it to the document. Then, when it’s time to come up with teasers, excerpts, whatever, for your book marketing, you’ve already got a list of ideas ready. Because who has time to re-read their manuscript!

A word of caution – make sure to include some excerpts and teasers that are PG-13. I’m currently working on the marketing of my latest novel, About Face, and one of the bloggers asked for a PG-13 excerpt. When I went to my document of potential excerpts, I realized I didn’t have anything that didn’t include talk about sex. Oops!

It’s also important to include a variety. My novel is a romantic comedy, so I made sure to look for excerpts that were not only funny but also a few that were romantic. When I make teasers, I always make sure to include at least one of each. Romantic comedy readers love to laugh, but they also want all the feels!

How do you save time on book marketing?


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  1. Brilliant advice and something I would never have thought of. Making these teasers and excerpts would be so easy to do at the time of writing, and definitely something I will be doing in the future…

  2. That is really true–about the bits and pieces that we must collect for marketing. I create them as needed and them keep them for other uses. For example, I had to fill out a bunch of stuff for my book cover designer, including a tag line. I keep all those–they’ll come in useful in September when it’s launch time.

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