Things I did in 2015 which were somewhat unexpected #travel #LOL

The hubby has complained that my blog posts are too often about writing. He was nice about it and all, but I have to admit that he does have a point (and yes that was painful). I don’t like being serious. In fact, it’s kind of boring. Somehow, though, I end up writing all these serious blog posts about writing, marketing, and such. I’m here today to stop that serious stuff before it takes root. Today’s blog post is all about fun. So, without further ado, here are a few things I did in 2015 which were a bit unexpected:

  • I went to the men’s toilet in an Arab/Muslim land. We were traveling through Jordan checking out several of the Crusader castles because – hello! – history geek here. We stopped to get gas and I had to pee, but there weren’t any women’s toilet. In fact, there weren’t any women period. I was directed to the men’s toilet and everything turned out fine (having been in the military I’m a champ at squat toilets), but if you can catch fire from stares I would have been incinerated.
  • I was severely tempted to snorkel into Saudi Arabia just to see what would happen. Don’t get me wrong. Saudi is in no shape or form on my bucket list of places to visit. When we were in Jordan snorkeling, our guide casually mentioned that we should be careful not to swim too close to the border because the Saudi’s were a bit particular about that. Of course, then I was curious and sorely tempted. The knowledge that I wouldn’t be drinking any beer in Saudi kept my fins firmly kicking in Jordanian waters.
  • When we entered Georgia (the country, not the state), we received a free bottle of local wine. Well, let me tell you, coming directly from the Muslim country in which we live, this was a most pleasant surprise. In fact, I was so excited that I shouted: “I love this f*cking country already.” Luckily, the Georgian immigration police thought that was funny. (Side note – never shout at immigration in the U.S., you will not like the consequences. True story.)
  • Our neighbors are not dog lovers. In fact, they’ve put up homemade signs all over the place prohibiting dogs from going on the grass, which makes me really angry since (1) we specifically moved here for the amount of grass surrounding the buildings and (2) I pick up after my dog so what’s the problem. Anyway, I’m often confronted by my neighbors about the dog. Mostly my neighbors don’t speak English and I just shout back at them (yeah, they’re always shouting). My downstairs neighbor, however, speaks decent English. When she yelled at me for my dog ‘going’ on the grass, I explained that I always pick up after him and showed her the very cute doggy doo doo bags I carry. Then, she got mad. She claimed that my dog had just gone and I hadn’t picked it up. That’s when I had to explain to her that he just peed and didn’t poop and there’s not really any way for me to pick up his pee. Fun times.

Don’t worry. This list isn’t exhaustive. The next time the hubby complains that my blog is boring, you can bet you’ll be seeing more of my unexpected life. In the meantime, what about you? What have you done in the past year that you never expected you’d do?

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