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There is a ton of animosity towards people who are different than ourselves at the moment. And I get it. The world is a scary place. One day this week the Russian ambassador in Turkey was murdered and just a short time thereafter someone drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin. Scary! I consistently have to remind myself that we’re all human and there are bad people in every ethnicity, religion, and cultural group.


Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. The hubby is arriving from Istanbul in the morning and we will be spending the evening watching Doctor Zhivago (if I can find our DVD) and eating and drinking. That’s our Christmas Eve tradition – if we happen to be in the same place for Christmas Eve, which is not a given for us. I thought I’d do a fun post on how certain Christmas traditions are the same no matter where in the world you are. You don’t even have to be Christian to celebrate. As my Turkish tailor told me, he lives in the Netherlands so they do some type of celebrating with their Christian friends.

  1. The run-up to the holidays is always exhausting. Personally, I can never turn down an invitation to do holiday drinks.
  2. The grocery store is way too busy and you can’t find what you want because there’s someone frozen in the aisle just where you need to be staring at a recipe as if it holds the answers to all the world’s mysteries. Good luck with that.
  3. Although there’s always a traditional dish, the grocery store ads are always trying to promote some new ‘traditional’ meat or non-meat to try. Someone needs to buy the marketing department a dictionary because I’m pretty sure they don’t understand what the word traditional means.
  4. There’s always a warm alcoholic drink. It doesn’t matter how warm the location in which you find yourself is, there will be a warm beverage. Probably with cinnamon. I love cinnamon.
  5. Too much alcohol. There’s always an abundance of drinking. Don’t count on nieces and nephews understanding the difference between dry and sweet red wine. Be sure to bring a marker and write your name on your bottle of wine to avoid any confusion.
  6. Everyone eats too much. Doesn’t matter whether it’s ham, turkey, or that weird fish thing they have going on in Slovakia. I always thought it was a rumor that the carp lived in the bathtub, but I’ve met people who grew up with that tradition finding it anything but weird that a big ass fish is in the bathtub around the holidays. I’m strangely relieved I don’t have a bathtub.
  7. Everyone has that weird relative. Whether they fart during dinner and pretend it’s no big deal or get falling down drunk and hit on someone’s husband, there’s always that one relative who no one dares to uninvite.


Happy Holidays folks! I’m off to the grocery store where I’ll probably buy enough alcohol to get me through the festive season but forget food for breakfast. Who needs breakfast anyway?

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