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About the Book:
Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes’s, Me Before You, My Last Love Story is a heartbreakingly romantic tale about the complexities of trauma and whether love can right a wrong.
I, Simeen Desai, am tired of making lemonade with the lemons life has handed me.
Love is meant to heal wounds.
Love was meant to make my world sparkle and spin.
Love has ripped my life apart and shattered my soul.
I love my husband, and he loves me.
But Nirvaan is dying.
I love my husband. I want to make him happy.
But he is asking for the impossible.
I don’t want a baby.
I don’t want to make nice with Zayaan.
I don’t want another chance at another love story.
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Conversation with Nirvaan Desai from My Last Love


Introduce yourself to our readers.
Yo! My name is Nirvaan Desai and I have cancer. See? Says here on my t-shirt too.
God. That’s tough. I’m sorry.
Nirvaan: I’ll take all the sympathy you’ve got. Thanks. But let’s be clear, I hate wasting time on formalities. I want what I want and I  want it now. So, let’s get on with this!
Right. As I told your wife, I’ll ask five random questions and you answer them as truthfully as you can.
Nirvaan: Shoot.
Your wife mentioned a bucket list. What’s on yours?
Nirvaan: Going straight for the jugular. I like it! Simi has actually dubbed my bucket list the Titanic Wish List. I’ve checked most of the items off the list. I only have a few left, out of which #1 is getting Simi pregnant and #2 is making Zai acknowledge that he’s making a mistake with Marjaneh—his girlfriend.
Ok. Good luck with that. Would you stop eating junk food to live five years longer? Sorry, but this question card just popped right out of the pack.
Nirvaan: Told you, man. Don’t be sorry for me. And no, I won’t stop eating junk food as I know it won’t make a difference. Not that Simi or my mother allow me to eat junk. I’m on a very strict organic health food diet.
What three adjectives would your family use to describe you?
Nirvaan: Stubborn. Smexy. Stupendous.
What’s the best TV show ever?
Nirvaan: Does cable TV count? Then Game of Thrones. It’s awesome, man. And I knew they wouldn’t kill Jon Snow. Knew it!
Last question, and…shit, one of those ones again. Should I pull another question?
Nirvaan: Stop that. I told you, its all cool. Just ask it.
What’s the secret to staying young?
Nirvaan: Dying young. *drumroll*
Love your spirit. I wish you the best for the rest of your life. And that completes our little game.


Advance Praise:
At once heartbreaking, delightful and completely unexpected. A must read!
~ Sonali Dev, author of The Bollywood Affair
In My Last Love Story, Kothari examines love and loss, desire and desolation, with a deft, wry touch that kept me reading late into the night and moved me to tears.
~ Julia Tagan, author of Stages of Desire
About the Author:
Falguni Kothari is an internationally bestselling hybrid author and an amateur Latin and Ballroom dance silver medalist with a background in Indian Classical dance. She writes in a variety of genres sewn together by the colorful threads of her South Asian heritage and expat experiences. When not writing or dancing, she fools around on all manner of social media, and loves to connect with her readers. My Last Love Story is her fourth novel.
1 Copy of My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari
Paperback Copy if the Winner is US or Indian Resident / eBook for other International Winner.

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