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The last thing Indigo expects when she arrives in Winter Falls to handle her beloved grandmother’s estate is to find Cash Evans in her grandma’s shower. 

Cash Evans – famous rockstar and the man who dumped her at high school graduation – is the last person she wants to see. 

Cash, on the other hand, takes one look at Indigo and realizes he should have never let her go. 

Game on, Cash. Game on. 

Are you ready for:

💋 A sexy rockstar romance;

💋A second chance romance;

💋 A quirky small town romance;

💋 A rockstar who’s not giving his girl up again;

💋 Forced proximity;

💋 A gang of elderly matchmakers who are too sneaky for their own good;

💋 Witty banter that will have you laughing out loud.

Need more before you decide to exercise your one-click finger? No problem! Here’s the first chapter. Enjoy!

Indigo – a woman who does not suffer fools, especially when he’s in her shower


The sign welcoming me to Winter Falls comes into view and the tears I’d barely managed to wrestle under control burst from my eyes once again. With my hands shaking, I pull to the side of the road. Grief, shame, and loss pour from me as I stare at the sign.

Why didn’t I visit Grandma for the past five years? Yes, Mom forbade me, but I’m a grown woman. I don’t have to follow Mommy’s rules anymore.

And why didn’t Grandma tell me she was sick? It’s not as if we weren’t in touch. We spoke every Saturday morning while I drove to yoga class. She told me all the gossip in Winter Falls – who got caught skinny dipping at the river, who snuck off to White Bridge for a ‘secret’ date everyone knew about, what sexy book the book club was reading – but she never said a word about having cancer.

Now Grandma’s gone and I’m here to settle her estate. Clean out the house Grandpa built for her and sell it. I took a leave of absence from teaching since Mom still refuses to step foot in Winter Falls.

I don’t know what Mom’s problem is. While I was growing up, we came to Winter Falls every summer. It was magical. Swimming in the freezing river, playing softball with the other kids, sleeping in a tent in Grandma’s backyard, and Grandma teaching me how to bake, although never her apple pie since the recipe was ‘top secret’.

But then I graduated from high school, and Mom and Grandma had their big fight. Grandma never would tell me what it was about. Neither would Mom.

To be honest, I never expected Mom to tell me a thing. I’m not exactly her confidant considering her goal in life is to form my life exactly the way she wants it to be. My goals and wishes are irrelevant.


I glance back at my kitty in her cage in the back seat. She bats at the bars.  

“You wouldn’t have to stay in the cage, Katy Purry, if you didn’t try to drive all the time.”


“I’m going already. Geez.”

Katy Purry is one demanding cat. I’m not kidding when I say she sits on my lap when I drive and tries to steer the car.

I park on the street in front of Grandma’s house since she doesn’t – didn’t – have a driveway. Most houses here don’t since cars are practically banned. Winter Falls’ claim to fame is being the first carbon neutral town in the world. Which means cars with internal combustion engines are not allowed. Most people use golf carts to get around.

I stare at the Colonial house. The wraparound porch where I fell and skinned my knees when I was fleeing the kitchen with a piece of stolen apple pie. The hunter green exterior Grandma insisted I paint and re-paint until she was satisfied with my brush strokes. I had green paint in my hair for the first month back at school.

And the bright red front door smack dab in the middle of the house. The closed front door. In the past, when I pulled up to the house, Grandma’s door would be wide open and she’d be standing in the doorway waving at me to hurry up and get inside. Not this time.

I inhale a deep breath and force myself out of the car. I open the rear door to release Katy Purry from her cage. She immediately jumps out and into my arms.

“You ready for this, Katy Purry?”

Meow! Meow!

Uh oh. Those are ‘I’m hungry. Feed me now, peasant!’-meows.

I scratch her neck as I walk to the front door. “I bet Grandma has some nice tuna for you.”

I’m lying. Grandma would never have canned tuna in her house. The one time I asked why, she gave me a lecture about dolphins and mercury and I don’t know what. I was five. I never asked for a tuna sandwich again.

I try the door. As I suspected, it’s unlocked. People in town don’t usually lock their doors. Not when ‘Winter Falls is the safest town in the world’.

The scent of cinnamon and apple hits me the second I enter. It smells as if Grandma has been baking her famous apple pie all afternoon. But she hasn’t. She’ll never bake her delicious pies again.


Hold on. Do I hear water running? I listen closely. I do. There’s water running somewhere upstairs. So much for the safest town in the world.

I clutch Katy Purry to my chest. She must sense my apprehension as she doesn’t fight me. There’s a first time for everything.

 I creep up the stairs making sure to skip the third step. It squeaks and always got me in trouble when I tried to sneak out of the house. That was before I learned to climb out of my window onto the tree in the backyard.

I reach the landing and pause to listen. Dang it. There is definitely water running in the bathroom.

Did Grandma leave the bath on? I nearly snort. What am I thinking? The people of Winter Falls would notice if an empty house was using extra water. Unnecessary water usage is a sin in this town. Think I’m kidding? Ask me why I have a scar on my chin sometime.

Which means someone is in Grandma’s house. How dare they? Who thinks they can use my grandma’s house when she hasn’t been gone a week?

I march to the bathroom and burst through the door. Steam fills the air preventing me from seeing much of anything, but I can make out an outline of a person on the other side of the shower curtain.  

Someone’s using Grandma’s shower without her permission? Not on my watch.

I yank the shower curtain open. “What do you think you’re doing?”

The man whirls around. His eyes widen when he sees me. As do mine.

This can’t be happening. I must have fallen asleep on the plane from San Diego to Denver. No way is he in my grandma’s bathroom. Cash Evans. The rockstar sensation of Cash & the Sinners. And my high school sweetheart who dumped me on graduation day.

I pinch myself and yelp. Darn it. I’m awake. This is really happening. My life sucks.

Cash Evans is in my grandma’s shower. I can’t help but notice he’s no longer the boy I fell in love with. He’s a man. Those gray eyes that used to sparkle when he looked at me are now bracketed by laugh lines. And the bump on his nose from a brawl he had after a concert is new.  

The boy I knew couldn’t grow a beard, but this man standing before me has several days of growth on his chin and cheeks. The look suits him.

My gaze travels further down to his chest. Oh my. The skinny boy I gave my virginity to no longer exists. This man is all muscle. My fingers tingle with the need to touch him. To feel every single inch of his skin. To test how strong those muscles are.

My heart speeds up and warmth spreads throughout my body at the memory of nights spent in this man’s arms.

What are you thinking, Indigo?

This is not the boy I fell in love with. He’s now a man. A man I don’t know. The boy I knew no longer exists. He hasn’t for a long time.

I growl at Cash. “What are you doing here?”

Katy Purry snarls at him.

Cash points to my kitty. “What the hell is that thing?”

I cuddle her close. “This is Katy Purry.”

“Katy Purry?” he spits out. “You named your cat after a pop star? A pop star?”

“Do not start with me. My musical taste is not up for discussion.”

He snorts. “Taste?”

I stomp my foot. “We are not discussing what music I listen to. We are never discussing what music I listen to. The question here is: what are you doing in my shower?”

He gulps. “Your shower?”

“Have all those concerts caused hearing loss?” I tap my chest. “My shower.”

“But I’m renting this house.”

“You can’t be renting this house. My grandma owns it.”

“Grandma Saffron?” He smiles. “I can’t wait to meet her.”

My breath hitches and tears well in my eyes. “You can’t meet her. You can never meet her. She’s gone.”

“I’m sorry, Indy.”

Warmth fills those gray eyes and he reaches for me. If he touches me, I’ll end up naked in the shower with him. The idea has appeal – oh, so much sexy appeal – until I remember how he walked away from me without a backward glance. I step back.

Katy Purry snarls. I tighten my hold but she’s a kitty on a mission. She launches from my arms straight at Cash.

He tries to evade her and ends up slipping on the shower floor. He flails his arms to stop from falling, but Katy Purry lands on his chest and tips him over. They slam to the floor of the shower. My kitty swipes her nails at his face. He somehow manages to catch her to hold her away from him.  

“Save me! Your kitten is the devil.”

I stare at him wriggling on the floor while trying to keep my kitty from clawing him. I wish I was the type of person who could be cold and cruel and get her revenge by allowing my cat to claw him until red welts appear all over his body. But I’m not.

I’m also not the woman who will gawk at his naked body no matter how tempted I am. I throw a towel over him before snatching Kity Purry from his hands.

“Get dressed. We need to talk.”

His jaw clenches. Cash hates talking. Explanations? Not if he can help it.

But I’m not accepting no for an answer. If he won’t tell me why he’s showering in Grandma’s house, I’ll phone the police and have him removed from the premises.

“You have five minutes before I call the police.”

He rolls his eyes. “You won’t call the police.”

I lean over and hiss in his face. “You don’t know me anymore.”

Pain flashes in his eyes, but I ignore it. It’s his fault he doesn’t know me. Not mine.

I whirl around and march toward the hallway.

“And the name is Indigo,” I holler over my shoulder.

Cash was the only person to ever use the nickname Indy. But he’s no longer special. He’ll refer to me as Indigo the way everyone else does. If I allow him to talk to me at all.

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