Release alert! How to Be a Rockstar’s Girlfriend is live!

How to Be a Rockstar’s Girlfriend is live!

Are you ready for Gibson and Mercy’s story? I think it’s safe to say neither Gibson nor Mercy is ready. Which is probably why they started the whole fake dating pact. Don’t they know fake dating pacts always lead to chaos??? No worries. I am more than happy to throw them into some chaos-filled drama. Mwa-ha-ha!

Are you ready for:

💋 A sexy rockstar romance;

💋 A fake dating romance;

💋 A country girl who has no idea who the Cash & the Sinners are; 

💋 A rockstar who’s fascinated with the country girl who has to be playing hard to get. There’s no way Mercy doesn’t know who he is!;

💋 A quirky small town romance;

💋 A gang of elderly matchmakers who are too sneaky for their own good;

💋 Witty banter that will have you laughing out loud

Need more convincing? I got you! Read the first chapter below!

Chapter 1

Mercy – an out of work mechanic who’s about to find out not everyone loves a combustion engine


“You have got to be kidding me,” I grumble at the sound of the police siren.

I check my speedometer. I’m going the speed limit. Fine. I’m going five over. But five over is pretty much the speed limit.

Maybe the police officer isn’t flashing his lights at me? But there’s no one else on this country road in the middle of nowhere Colorado. Crap on an oily cracker.

I pull over and switch off the engine. The engine gives a death rattle and the car jerks before it stops. I feel my cheeks heat with embarrassment. Stupid ugly car.

I roll down the window and watch as the police officer saunters toward me. Ay caramba! If all the men in Winter Falls are as sexy as him, I have landed myself in hottie heaven.

Too bad I’ve sworn off men. But I can look. And drool.

“Hello, officer,” I greet as he stops at my window. “I don’t think I was speeding.”

I bite my bottom lip and try my best to appear innocent. Oh wait. I am innocent. Nearly forgot since it’s a rare occurrence.

“You were going three over.”

Is he seriously going to ticket me for going three over? What a fussy pants.

“But I didn’t pull you over for speeding.”

Phew. Such a relief since my checking account currently has a grand total of sixty-eight dollars in it.

“But you are breaking the town ordinance.”

“Town ordinance?” What does a town ordinance have to do with me?

He slaps the roof of the car and I cringe. A week ago I was driving a blue Shelby GT350 with a white racing stripe down the middle. I loved my Shelby girl. I miss her more than the asshole who stole her from me.  

Zeke. What a scumbag. Good luck keeping the business afloat without your free woman power.

“Cars with combustion engines are not allowed in Winter Falls.”

I gasp. “Not at all?”


“But what other cars are there?” When he opens his mouth to speak, I hold up a hand to stop him.

“No, you can’t tell me an electric engine in a car is the same. It’s not. I’ll admit the acceleration of a car with an electric engine is pretty rad but otherwise? No. It’s not a car. The engine doesn’t growl. There’s no rumble of power beneath you when you drive. And what’s the fun in a car you don’t need to manually shift?”

He chuckles. “Enjoy your engines, do you?”

I smile. “I do. I’m a mechanic.” I hold out my hand. “Mercy Keller.”

“Peace Sky.”

“Peace? You’re a police officer and you’re name is Peace?” I slap my hand over my mouth. “Sorry, officer. I didn’t mean to make fun of your name.”

“You’re fine.” He clears his throat. “But I can’t allow you to operate this vehicle within the limits of Winter Falls.”

“But how am I supposed to get to my destination?”

“You can park at the Inn on Main. I assume you’re staying there.”

Stay at some snooty sounding inn? I wish. I’ve been sleeping in my car for the past two days.

“Um, no. I’m here to visit my uncle Mercury.”

His eyebrows practically fly off his head. “Old Man Mercury is your uncle?”

I get his skepticism. I can hardly believe it myself. Mom always claimed we didn’t have any family while I was growing up. But suddenly last week she up and tells me I need to go to Winter Falls and put my uncle in a nursing home and sell his house.

I’m not sure about putting an uncle I’ve never met before in a nursing home, but I’m out of options of where to live. I’m certainly not living with Mom. Never again.

Peace scratches his beard. “I’ll escort you to his house, but once you’re there, you can’t be driving this vehicle around Winter Falls.”

I throw up my hands. Fine by me. I don’t want to be driving this heap of crap anyway.

I wait until he’s back in his police vehicle where he can’t hear my car to switch it on. Come on, Betsie. Come on. You can do it. A few more miles. You got this.

When I bought Betsie, I did the best I could to make her roadworthy. But there’s not a lot I could do with an engine that hasn’t been maintained in twenty years and no cash. I’m planning to sell her off for parts once I make it to my uncle’s house.

My uncle. Those words feel foreign to me. A frisson of excitement courses through me. I have family. I wonder what he’s like.

I wait until the police car pulls in front of me and follow it. We reach the downtown of Winter Falls, and I scan the area.

Main Street is lined with Mom and Pop stores. No big box stores here. The names of the businesses – Bake Me Happy, Eden’s Garden, Bertie’s Studio, Naked Falls Brewing – pique my curiosity. What kind of place is Winter Falls?

We turn off Main Street at the square where there’s an adorable little park and gazebo. We continue for a few blocks until there are no longer any houses. My excitement dims. Where is hottie police officer taking me?

Please, please, please, do not let this be the start of a horror movie. My life has been enough of a horror lately. Although, considering my propensity for making bad choices, it would be just my luck to end up in a town where they kill off anyone who dares to drive a combustion engine.

The police car turns into a driveway, and I breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe I’m not being murdered today after all. But then I notice the house.

To say it’s seen better days is an understatement. It reminds me of the ghost house on my street when I was growing up. The grass is overgrown, the paint is chipped and peeling, and the windows are all covered in sheets instead of curtains.

I stop behind the police car and Betsie sputters before smoke plumes from the engine and she dies. I don’t think I’m going to be able to resuscitate her. At least I made it to my destination. Such as it is.

I climb out of the car as an elderly man steps onto the porch. He leans heavily on his cane as he hobbles forward.

“What are you doing here, Peace? Don’t tell me those dang busybodies sent you out here to check on me? I’m fine.”

“I brought you a present.” Peace points to me. “Your niece.”

I wave at him. “Hi! You must be Mercury.”

“Mercy.” He nods. “Took you long enough to get here.”

Wait. Was he expecting me? Before I can ask him, he whirls around and marches back inside the house. Um… What do I do now?

“Do you need help with your luggage?” Peace asks.

I wave him away. I don’t need anyone to witness this awkward meeting. “I got it.”

I wait until he’s gone before approaching the house. My stuff in the car can wait until I figure out what’s happening here. Did Mom phone and tell him I was coming? I snort. Mom actually be considerate? I’m not holding my breath.  

I knock on the screen door. “Uncle Mercury?”

“What are you waiting for? A personal invitation?”

Well, yeah, I was. But not anymore.

I enter the house and wait a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the darkness inside. I study the place as I walk toward the living area where Mercury is sitting on a rocking chair.

“Let me guess,” he begins and I startle. His booming voice is going to take some time to get used to. “Your mother never told you I existed.”

I sit on the edge of the sofa. “I didn’t know I had any family. She always said there was no one else.”

He grunts. “Your mom isn’t solely to blame. The rift began with your grandmother.”

I lean closer. I don’t know anything about my grandmother. Mom refuses to speak about her family.

“Lyra was Adhara’s sister.”

I wait but he doesn’t explain further. “Who’s Lyra and who’s Adhara? And why do they have such weird names?”

He scowls at me. “Ain’t nothing wrong with the name Adhara.”

“Sorry,” I mumble. I tend to blurt out whatever comes to my mind without thinking. Mom always said this tendency is going to get me into trouble one day. I hope today is not that day.  

“Adhara was my wife.”

I’m catching on now. “And Lyra was my grandmother?”

He nods. “Lyra didn’t approve of Adhara’s lifestyle.”

“Lifestyle? What did she do? Run away and join a hippie commune?”

Mercury glares at me. “You have a problem with hippies, girl?”

I bite my lip as I contemplate my answer. The names of the businesses in town flash in my mind. I’m starting to connect the dots.   

“Is Winter Falls a hippie commune? I didn’t think those existed anymore.”

“Started out as one. Now all anyone cares about is pagan festivals.”

Pagan festivals? Where in the hell did I end up?

Mercury clears his throat. “Lyra cut Adhara out of her life.”

“Which is why I never heard of you before,” I finish. “Although, I never met my grandmother either.”

He purses his lips. “You never met your grandmother?”

“Mom got pregnant with me when she was young and her mom kicked her out. Mom never talks about my grandmother. She didn’t tell me about your existence until last week.”

“And now you’re here to put me in a goddamn old fogy’s home.” He’s on to me. The jig is up.  

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