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Title: Pecker Tracks

Author: R.S. Dees

Genre: Adventure, romantic comedy, coming-of-age

Published: May 17, 2017


It’s 1979 and fifteen-year-old Ronny and his pals are all virgins. In fact, they’ve rarely spoken to real, live females. That all changes when Mary Ellen comes to town. Ronny and his friends, six-fingered Melv and mutton-chopped Butch, are charmed by the Texas girl who is staying with her aunt for the summer.

Mary Ellen, a year older than the boys, is beautiful and confident—two things the boys are not—and seemingly out of their league. She befriends the trio who find themselves tumbling over each other for her affections, all the while doing what they do best: fishing for lunkers, catching frogs, evading the cops, and jamming to seventies rock anthems.

Ronny appears to be winning the race, and falls the hardest for Mary Ellen. Their relationship blossoms as the summer progresses, but Ronny begins to suspect everything is not as it seems. His suspicions are confirmed the day after Mary Ellen leaves town when Ronny learns of a gut-wrenching deception. And later, he’ll discover an even greater surprise.

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“I’m really glad to see you,” I said, softly. “It seems like forever since we’ve been alone.”

She scooted across the seat and pulled my arm around her, our eyes only inches apart. “I know, Ronny,” she said. “I’ve missed you. I’ve really missed you.” We made small talk for a while, and then things got serious.

“Can I ask you a question?” I said, beginning to get a little nervous.

“Sure, Ronny,” she replied.

“Have you ever…” I wasn’t sure how to put this. “Um…you know.”

“No,” she said coyly. “I don’t know.”

“What I mean is…have you ever, um, you know…”

“Have I ever done it with a boy?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said, relieved she had said it and not me.

“No, I haven’t. Have you ever done it with a girl?”

Yeah, right. “No.” Heck, she had been the first girl I had ever kissed. I’m surprised she couldn’t tell. “What’s the furthest you’ve ever gone with a boy?”

“You really wanna know?”

I did and I didn’t. “Yeah.”

“Well…” she paused. “I let Billy Roy touch my breast last summer, but just one of them.” The thought of that made me shiver.

“Ya did?” I asked, growing more jealous by the minute.

“But it was just outside of my shirt,” she added.

Well, that’s not so bad. “Did you…um…touch him?” I asked, assuming she knew what I was talking about.

“Well, not exactly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he sorta put my hand down there…on his jeans.” She snuggled up against me. “Oh, Ronny, that was before I met you.” That was true, but it still bothered me. I didn’t even know who Billy Roy was, but one thing I knew was that I didn’t like him. “I really liked the kiss you gave me the other night,” she said.

“Really? I liked it too.”

She gently leaned into me until her breasts were touching my chest, at which point, I was sure she could feel my heart thumping through my shirt. In my pants could be found a growing piece of petrified wood. Ever so slowly, our lips moved closer. Oh, God. Here we go again. And without great fanfare, Mary Ellen expertly pressed her lips to mine. I quickly followed her lead. For the second time in my life, I was kissing a real, live girl. Her mouth was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. Our lips caressed each other for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only minutes, maybe seconds. Her tongue slipped between my lips, causing me to gasp and almost bite it off. I felt like a student in a class I had no business being enrolled in. In fact, I felt like I was with the teacher. In an instant, we were kissing like old lovers. Our lips parted as she pulled away but hers soon found my neck as her hand came to rest on my leg. With a wet, teasing kiss, Mary Ellen’s tongue playfully probed my ear, sending chills coursing through my veins. I awkwardly reached up and somehow my trembling fingers managed to unfasten the top button on her blouse. Mary Ellen slid a hand inside my shirt. Her fingers felt cool, invigorating against my skin. My hand cupped her breast and touched terrain only Billy Roy had traversed. I shifted in the driver’s seat. Her fingers explored my scrawny chest as we kissed each other—harder, more passionately, more intensely. Her fingers slid down to my cutoffs and unfastened the button, causing my zipper to slide open. Fingers quivering like a leaf, I clumsily undid the second button on Mary Ellen’s blouse. I waited for a response. Nothing. I continued on. Mary Ellen’s tongue found my ear like before. Again, my body shivered. My senses were being overrun as she drowned them with stimuli: the taste of her lips, the smell of her hair, the sound of her breath in my ear, the touch of her hand on my chest, the curve of her breast.

 Oh God. Oh God! Calm down, you idiot. Okay, time to try for button number three. Still quaking, my fingers explored her shirt until I came to the third button. This time, it was easier than the first two. Wasting no time at all, I unbuttoned numbers four through six. Now, Mary Ellen’s blouse was totally undone. The moonlight shining through the windshield illuminated her nubile body. Oh God, here it comes—the moment of truth. I’m really going to do this. My fingers slid to Mary Ellen’s back, looking for the clasp on her bra; they found it immediately. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to memorize how the mechanism worked. Here goes. I gave it my best shot, and like Harry Houdini, I somehow managed to unfasten the clasp. The God of Boyhood Dreams was looking out for me as my first attempt had miraculously succeeded. I felt her bra loosely fall and saw the creamy tops of her breasts make their first appearance. My fingers felt electric, realizing they were about to take a journey no other boy had ever taken, not even Billy Roy. Her skin felt so foreign, so feminine, so fabulous. I daringly slid my hand around to the front and—Knock! Knock! Knock! I froze in my tracks. In an instant, the light from a flashlight shone into the car via the driver’s side window. Holy shit! Deputy Peete! Mary Ellen and I quickly scampered for our clothing. In a panic, I rolled my window down a crack.

“Pardon me,” came the now-familiar voice, “but this area is day use only and it’s past ten o’clock.”

About the Author

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Rick is a teacher, long-time reader, and first-time novelist. A self-proclaimed expert in fishing and fantasy football, he has also written an interactive textbook he uses in class. He knows six guitar chords and can play the opening riff to “Smoke on the Water.” He wants to be a rock star when he grows up. Rick was raised in Fort Peck, Montana but currently resides in Billings. He lives with his wife and, occasionally, grand dogs, Raja and Kyrie.

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