Read an excerpt of Geomancy, a fantasy novel from E. Lyric Myer #swordandsorcery

I’m super excited to showcase today’s book as the author is a personal friend of mine. I didn’t even know he had written a novel until he casually dropped it into the conversation! The book has been edited by another author friend of mine. If you love fantasy, you’re going to want to give this book a try.


Book title: Geomancy

Series: Elemental Magic: Book 1

Author: E. Lyric Myer

Genre: Sword & Sorcery

Published: December 2015


Once a poor orphan, Lucas’s skill with a bow and arrow has earned him an unlikely knighthood. With the support of a powerful queen and a mysterious priest, he might even become a lord.

Now, with his country on the brink of war, a dangerous mission into enemy territory shows Lucas that not everyone can be trusted.

Pursued by a demon and in the company of a fierce and independent princess, Lucas will have to identify his true friends in order to survive. Sometimes, loyalty isn’t an option…

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That must be her, he thought, as he noticed a figure sitting on a rock just below the bridge. Purposefully making some noise so as not to startle her, he stepped into the open.

He had barely moved in her direction when she jumped up and lit a torch, blinding him for a moment.

“Show me the badge, or I call out,” she said, voice strained.

Lucas motioned at the band on his right arm, the sapphire twinkling in the torch’s light. Squinting, he tried to make out the Villicina’s features. Standing, she was as tall as he was. She was dressed all in black, with sharp features, auburn hair tied back.

Kneeling, he said, “Sir Lucas Saren, Villicina. May I ask to see the ring?”

The Villicina stuck out her right hand, a large sapphire flashing in the torchlight.

“Get up, Sir Lucas,” said Sofia, curious as to how this man had gotten so dirty creeping around the garden. Curious also why his dark hair and green eyes looked so familiar. “Where are your men?”

“Just beyond the wall,” replied Lucas. “Come with me, Villicina. Um, would you mind extinguishing your light?”

Sofia nodded and was about to smother the torch when a flash of steel on the footbridge caught her attention. Lucas noticed it, too, and looked up.

Standing on the bridge was a man who Lucas would have guessed was the Villicina’s brother if he had not known that she had no siblings. The man spoke.

“So Sofia, this is what you left me for. Skulking affairs in the gardens. How commendable. Who is he? The gardener, perhaps? He certainly is dirty enough.”

“Thomas!” exclaimed Sofia. She was shocked by the Lord Protector’s harshness. She had never heard him be so cruel. “What are you doing here? Don’t think for a moment that you understand what is happening here.”

“Don’t I?” said Thomas, hands twisting at the hilt of his blade. His eyes were wild and his clothes in disarray. Such an appearance was out of character for the fastidious man, Sofia thought. She glanced at Lucas, who was lightly fingering a dagger at his belt.

As the wild man approached, Lucas drew his dagger, and, eyes focused on the man’s exposed neck, whipped out his arm, launching the blade. The dagger would have flown true if the Villicina had not moved as fast as lightening. Just as Lucas let the dagger go, he felt her brush his hand with her forearm. The dagger flew just wide, whizzing past Thomas’s ear and sinking into a nearby tree.

Enraged, Thomas attempted to reach Lucas around Sofia. He was rewarded with a knee to the stomach as the Villicina came up underneath him with athletic precision. Flailing, he collapsed backward, dropping the sword.

He was struggling to get up and renew his attack, when he caught sight of Sofia standing above him. She had dropped the torch during the violence and was now lit by its fading light as it lay on the ground. In his mad swinging he must have caught her face with his sword. A gash ran from her right cheekbone to her jaw, and she had fire in her eyes.

Standing up, Lord Protector Thomas DiSana muttered an awkward apology as tears came to his eyes. He stumbled off, disappearing into the night.

Face stinging, afraid to examine the gash on her cheek, Sofia ne Paludis turned to Sir Lucas. The knight was standing there with a surprised look on his face. He seemed unable to speak.

Finally, he rushed to her and, hesitant to touch her face, examined the cut.

“It is not deep,” he said. “What do you want to do? I think it will heal without stitches.”

Sofia nodded. She was sure it would heal, but she was also sure it would scar. It was just as well, really. Doubtless, the Prince had heard she was no particular beauty. This would hardly matter.

About the author

Lyric Myer is an American writer who lives in Europe. Geomancy is his first novel.

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