Only Forever


I could write a book on why I should stay away from Beckett. He’s grumpy, frustrating, and – worst of all – he’s my new boss. Unfortunately, my body isn’t getting the message. Staying away has never been this hard before.

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Never agree to one night only with the grumpy boss.

I am perfectly content with my life. I have a loving (albeit nosy and interfering) family, a fulfilling career as an environmental engineer, and I enjoy living in my quirky hometown of Winter Falls.

But then Beckett Dempsey is appointed CEO at the company I work at. For reasons I cannot fathom to understand, Beckett believes that I am incompetent. He also thinks I should be at his beck and call twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

Unfortunately, Beckett is also the sexiest man I’ve ever met, and my body yearns for his. I will not give in to these ridiculous cravings, though. I know better than to mix business with pleasure.

But then Beckett suggests we burn off our chemistry together for Only One Time. I agree. Unbeknownst to me, he has plans to convince me for more.

Hit BUY NOW to find out if Beckett can convince Lilac to give Only Forever a chance.

This grumpy boss romantic comedy includes a career woman who doesn’t do complicated or drama but finds herself smackdab in the middle of both, a grumpy boss who’s determined to get his engineer to take her hair down, a gaggle of sisters who think matchmaking is their true calling, and a whole town full of hippies who think being called a busybody is a compliment. 

Only Forever is a standalone novel in the Winter Falls series.

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