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I may be back in my hometown and down on my luck, but I know better than to fall for Lyric again. Been there. Done that. Have the heartbreak to show for it.

When my business and apartment burn down, there’s only one thing I can do – return to my hometown of Winter Falls with my tail tucked between my legs.

I won’t be here long, though. As soon as the insurance company decides I didn’t start the fire – one little accidental fire to get out of a math test does not make me an arsonist! – and cuts me a check for the damage, I’m out of here.

The people of Winter Falls feel differently. They’re determined I rekindle my romance with my first love, Lyric Alston, and stay forever. Not happening. The man destroyed my heart once, I’m not giving him another chance.

But when I call Lyric out for what he did, he has no clue what I’m talking about. Did I get it wrong? Did I not see what I thought I saw?

Once Lyric realizes I didn’t abandon him, he goes all out to convince me to stay in Winter Falls and give him a second chance. Did he forget I’m not here to stay?

Can My First Love turn into My Forever Love?

This small town second chance romantic comedy features a sassy woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind, a sexy Chief of Police determined to do what’s necessary to win her back, the cutest rescue dog in history, and a whole town full of hippies who think being a busybody is a good thing.

My Forever Love is a standalone novel in the Winter Falls series.


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