Meet Disaster


Gabrielle’s the shy new girl in town. Phoenix is the antisocial goat farmer. What happens when the entire meddlesome town decides they should pretend to date?

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Phoenix is NOT the man for me. He’s a loner who’s only pretending to date me until my ex gets the hint.

The small town of Winter Falls is my chance to reinvent myself. I have officially seen the backside of nervous and timid Gabrielle.

Or, I will have. Just as soon as I deal with the pesky matter of my ex who won’t stop blowing up my phone.

The residents of Winter Falls are not about to let me handle my ex by myself. Their solution is simple. I should live with Phoenix and pretend to be his girlfriend until my ex gets the memo.

There’s only one little problem with this scenario. I don’t want my relationship with Phoenix to be fake.

The goat farmer may be a grump and a loner, but when he smiles his brown eyes light up and two dimples pop out on his right cheek, grump is the furthest thing from my mind.

I should tell the people of Winter Falls to mind their own dang business, but I don’t. I’m shy, not stupid. A chance to be in close proximity to the man I want on a daily basis? Where do I sign up?

To my surprise, this fake relationship feels anything but fake once we’re spending all of our days together. Feather light touches, hair kisses, and scorching looks make me start to wonder.

Can we turn this fake relationship into something real?

This fake relationship small town romantic comedy features a shy woman who insists shy and timid aren’t the same thing, a goat farmer who needs to learn his lesson before he loses the girl, a goat named Pan that believes she’s a person and should be treated as such, a gaggle of sisters who think matchmaking is their true calling, and a whole town full of hippies who think being called a busybody is a compliment. 

Meet Disaster is a standalone novel in the Winter Falls ~ Dempsey Sisters series.

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