Meet Dare


Cassandra thinks she doesn’t deserve love. Cedar can’t stay in the same place for long. Their chance for love is doomed. Or is it? 

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All it takes to change everything is an enraged woman and a dare…

Love is not for me. Nope. I don’t deserve it, so I keep far, far away from relationships.

Archer – a drifter who won’t stick around – is perfect for me. I can touch those sexy broad shoulders and stare into those smoldering hazel eyes to my heart’s content.

Except, it turns out Archer isn’t Archer at all. He’s Cedar. He’s not some random drifter. He grew up in the quirky small town of Winter Falls.

When I find out the truth, my rage boils over, my mouth opens up, and before my mind can catch up, I’m daring Cedar to stay in Winter Falls for six months.

I must have been temporarily insane.

Because the longer Cedar sticks around, the more my feelings for him grow. And pushing him away is about as easy as getting the eccentric townspeople to respect my privacy.

Especially when he keeps drawing me in, claiming he’s going to prove to me I not only deserve love but everything my heart desires. Easy for him to say. He doesn’t know what I did.

Can a dare spoken in a moment of anger result in my happily ever after?

This friends with benefits small town romantic comedy features a woman who’s convinced her past sins means she doesn’t deserve love, a man who’s willing to give up his wanderer ways to prove her wrong, an adorable three-legged dog, a pair of sisters who don’t understand the word ‘privacy’, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi.   

Meet Dare is a standalone novel in the Winter Falls ~ Dempsey Sisters series.

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