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I am NOT Rowan’s little sister. And I will do everything in my power to prove otherwise. But I swear breaking my ankle, so I could live with him while I recover was not part of the plan. Honestly.

I have loved Rowan since I was sixteen and he rushed in like my knight in shining football pads to save me from a bully. Now that I’m back in Winter Falls after graduating college, it’s time for me to make him mine.

There’s only one problem. Rowan sees me as his little sister who needs protecting and not as a woman. There’s no problem too big I can’t overcome it, though. Even if it comes in the form of a stubborn six-foot-five former NFL quarterback.

When I break my ankle and Rowan insists I live with him while I recover, I decide our forced proximity is just the chance I need. Soon enough, the former football player isn’t acting as if he thinks I’m his little sister.

But Rowan still refuses to entertain the idea of us being in a relationship. Am I doomed to wait forever for him or can I prove to him he’s my forever?

This forced proximity small town romantic comedy features a feisty woman who’s not afraid to go after what she wants, a former NFL quarterback who’s determined to do ‘the right thing’ even if what he thinks is ‘the right thing’ is NOT in fact ‘the right thing’, a super convenient broken ankle, a gaggle of sisters who want to try their hands at matchmaking, and a whole town full of hippies who think being called a busybody is a compliment.

Forever For You is a standalone novel in the Winter Falls series.


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