A Hero for Hailey


The detective has met the woman of his dreams. Only she remembers when he couldn’t remember her name. And she’s not about to forget their past either.

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Aiden thinks he can stroll back into my life without a second thought. Ha! Think again, Aiden. Think. Again.

Aiden claims he’s met the woman of his dreams. Spoiler alert. It’s me. But was I worthy of a second glance in high school? No, I was not. What’s changed?

Apparently, nothing, because he doesn’t remember who I am. Way to make a girl feel special.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I push him away, Aiden isn’t going anywhere. He claims he’s sticking around until I give him a chance.

My mind may not be prepared to forgive him for his high school transgressions, but my body is ready to throw him a clothing optional ‘let bygones be bygones’-party.

To top it off, my pops thinks the detective is a good fit for me. What? Since when does Pops butt his nose into my love life?

He can keep his thoughts to himself. I’m not about to forgive and forget that easily.

But like my pops always says Love will OUT.

This romantic comedy features a kickass PI with a chip the size of a Green Bay Packer on her shoulder, a sexy detective she claims to hate but really wants to tie to a bed and see what happens, a best friend who defines the word klutzy, and a makeshift family of former Army buddies who think telling dirty jokes is a sign of love.

A Hero for Hailey is a standalone book in the Love will OUT romantic comedy series.

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