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  • Bragg’s Christmas

    If I’m going to survive Christmas as a brand-new single dad of a five-year-old, I need a nanny. Preferably a nanny I can keep my hands off of.

    The last thing I expect when I arrive for a job interview is for Damon Bragg to open the door.

    I desperately need a job, but there’s no way Damon will offer me one considering the one and only time I met him, he kicked me out of his brother’s wedding.

    But when his adorable daughter, Skye, asks to play with me and then begs me not to leave, I practically force Damon to offer me the position as her nanny.

    Working as Skye’s nanny is a dream come true. Experiencing snow and Christmas in Winter Falls with the single dad and his daughter is everything I’ve always wanted but thought I could never have.

    And then there’s Damon. His thick brown hair and warm brown eyes are enough to snag my interest. Add in his six-pack abs and strong shoulders, and I’m ready to jump him. If he weren’t my boss, I would. I might anyway.

    Santa, all I want for Christmas this year is to become a family with a single dad and his daughter. 

    Welcome to Christmas in Winter Falls!

  • Bragg’s Match


    I am NOT a child. I’ll show Soleil I’m a man. A man who can take care of her. Just as soon as I put out the flames from the bed I set on fire.

    When Brody Bragg shows up at my doorstep with those baby blue eyes begging me for a place to stay, I can’t resist.

    But he’s my roommate. Nothing more. He can strut his six-pack abs up and down the hallway as much as he wants. I’m not giving in. Not even when we end up sharing a bed after he sets his on fire.

    I may accidentally cuddle into his strong arms in my sleep, but that’s where the touching ends. Brody is way too young and immature for me. I want a man to take care of me. Not a man-child I have to take care of.

    Brody thinks he can change my mind. He’s going to ‘show me’ I’m wrong.

    Spoiler alert – Scaring me by blaring loud music causing me to drop the pottery I’m designing is not the way to ‘show me’ anything.

    This forced proximity, reverse age gap, small town romantic comedy features a woman who wants a man to take care of her for a change, a man who is willing to give her the world but tends to screw up A LOT, five brothers who think it’s hilarious to watch their baby brother get turned down by the woman he wants, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi.

    Bragg’s Match is a standalone novel in the Bragg Brothers series.

  • Bragg’s Truth


    Riley thinks he can just show up in Winter Falls and I’ll jump straight into his arms excited he’s returned to me. Mr. Can’t Answer His Phone For Three Months is more likely to get a slap in the face. 

  • Bragg’s Love


    He’s the grump determined to expand his brewery. She’s the hippie gardener standing in his way. Can the grump get the girl to turn her sunshine his way?

  • Perfect Bragg


    I’ll do anything to keep custody of my cousin’s baby. Even marry the man I want but can never have.

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