Opposites don’t merely attract. They explode in this brand new romantic comedy

Meet Hate is live. SQUEAL! Finally! I’m beyond excited to share Olivia and Peace’s story with you.

Ever since Peace made a super quick appearance in Forever For You, his love story has been simmering in my head pushing for a chance to get out. I made him wait his turn, but it was worth it in the end. Because I seriously love Peace and Olivia in Meet Hate.

Opposites don’t merely attract. They explode in this romantic comedy about a stickler cop who thinks he can run the troublemaker out of his town and how his plan goes marvelously awry.🤭

✔️ A super hot cop who’s a stickler for the rules

✔️ A women who’s never met a rule she likes

✔️ A man who can’t resist a woman in a yoga outfit

✔️ A trainwreck of a woman who’s trying to be a better person

✔️ A man who hates outsiders. He thinks.

✔️ A gang of elderly matchmakers determined to push the two together

✔️ A final twist you won’t see coming!

✔️ Quirky small town romance

Chapter 1

Olivia – a woman who’s trying to do better but don’t push her

I glimpse the sign for Winter Falls as I approach the small town and slow down to read it. The population has been crossed off and replaced with a smiley face smoking a joint. All right then. This town might be my kind of place after all.  

My sisters – or, rather, two of my sisters – have been bragging to me about this small town in Colorado since they discovered it a year ago. Until Mr. Smiley showed up, the thirty-minute drive from civilization hadn’t impressed me much. But now? Things are looking up.  

Sirens blare behind me and I swear underneath my breath. So much for things looking up. My foot automatically presses on the acceleration to speed up. Stop it. I am not that woman anymore. I will not run away from the consequences of my actions any longer.


I ignore the voice in my head. I’m trying to be better. I am.

I slow down and pull off to the side of the road. The police car stops behind me. The sirens switch off but not the lights. Is this small town police officer trying to intimidate me? How cute.

The car door opens and I watch as the cop steps out. Judging by how long those legs are, he’s a tall one. Awesome. I do love a tall man since I’m five-eight. All of us Dempsey girls are tall. Except Gabrielle. She’s a midget.

The cop saunters toward my car, his long legs eating up the distance in no time. Confidence looks good on this man. As does his lush, brown hair. Hair perfect for threading through my fingers as his mouth devours mine. At the thought, tingles erupt throughout my middle.

Phew. My libido is back. I was worried my desire to have sex would never return. I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong in my life. And I hate being wrong.

He arrives at the car and scowls at me while motioning for me to lower the window. Oops. I guess not all of my rebel tendencies have been squashed. What can I say? I’m a work in progress.

I hit the button to lower the window and flash him a flirty smile.

“Hi, Officer. Was I doing something wrong?”

Feigning innocence is step one of the ‘How Olivia Handles Police’ manual. I consider batting my eyelashes, but small town police don’t need the full ‘Olivia Effect’.

“License and registration,” he grumbles.

My hands tighten on the steering wheel. Has he never heard of the word please before? I clench my teeth before any sarcasm can spill out. I’m a law-abiding citizen now. I don’t mouth off to the police. I inhale a cleansing breath before making certain my smile is firmly affixed to my face.

“Of course, Officer.”

I dig the registration out of the glove compartment. As I hand it to him, I bat my eyelashes – guess he’s getting the full ‘Olivia Effect’ after all – and repeat my earlier question. “Was I doing something wrong?”

My innocent display isn’t entirely an act. I’m pretty certain I wasn’t committing a crime. Unless gawking at the town sign counts as a crime. Don’t worry. It doesn’t. I know the law books as well as, if not better than, the police.

I shove those thoughts away. That’s Past Olivia speaking. I’ve mostly tamed her, but she enjoys sticking her nose in my business from time to time.  

The officer flips his sunglasses on top of his head and smiles at me. I swallow my gasp. His sexy long legs and lush hair have nothing on his handsome face.

His eyes are the color of dark chocolate and when he smiles a dimple pops out on each side of his face. I want to stick my tongue in those dips and taste his skin. Best of all? He’s clean shaven. I know beards are all the rage, but I enjoy scraping my fingernails over a man’s jaw while I kiss him senseless.

I lose his eyes when his gaze dips to check the registration. “Beckett Dempsey. You don’t look like a Beckett.”

“He’s my brother.”

He scowls. “Beckett is your brother?”

“Do you know Beckett?”

“Answer the question.”

There’s no sign of those adorable dimples now.

“Yes, Beckett is my brother. I’m his sister.”

He holds out his hand. I reach forward to shake his but he grunts, “License,” before our hands can meet.

I feel my cheeks warm but I’ve never let a little embarrassment stop me before. New and Improved Olivia will not be embarrassed by a slight misunderstanding. I remove my license from my wallet and offer it to him.

His nose wrinkles as he studies the Missouri license. I think I hear him mutter stupid out of towners but I’m not about to ask him to clarify. I know when to keep my big mouth shut.

“Olivia Lucy Dempsey.”

“That’s my name. Don’t wear it out.”

He glowers at me. Someone lost his sense of humor. Considering those dimples, I’d ask him if he needs my help locating it, but the police uniform has me holding my tongue. There’s a time to flirt with a police officer, but this isn’t it.

“From Missouri.”

I widen my eyes to stop myself from rolling them. I also manage to somehow keep the duh I want to speak from slipping out. Go New and Improved Olivia!

“Yes, I recently relocated to Colorado.”

“You’ll need to get a Colorado license if you’re staying.”

I’ll add ‘brave DMV hell’ to my never-ending to-do list.

“How come I’ve never heard of you before?”

“Because I’m not famous,” I quip. Notorious maybe. But famous? Nope. Not interested either. You can’t get away with shit when the paparazzi follow you around everywhere.

He rolls his eyes. “I know you’re not famous.”

Gee. Way to make a girl feel special.

“But if you’re Beckett’s sister, why don’t I know your name?”

“I assure you I am Beckett’s sister. Trust me. I know who my brother is.”

This is quickly becoming the most confusing conversation I’ve ever had with a police officer. And I’ve had some interesting conversations with law enforcement before. They ask the strangest questions. Such as ‘Why are you wearing a bikini in a snow storm?’ As if the answer isn’t obvious.

“I’ve never heard you mentioned before.”

Ouch! Why don’t you go ahead and shoot me in the chest with your gun? The pain wouldn’t be nearly as bad as being reminded of all the problems I’m having with my family. Like I don’t already know.

I ignore the pain – I should be used to it by now – and dial up the innocent level on my smile.

“I’m sorry, Officer. I don’t know what to tell you except Beckett is definitely my brother and Gabrielle, Elizabeth, and Cassandra are most certainly my sisters.”

He studies me for a moment before offering me my license and registration.

“Aren’t you going to write me a ticket?” The question pops out of my mouth before I can stop it.

“Since Beckett’s your brother, I’m sure you know the rules.”

What in the world is he blathering about?

“The rules?”

He frowns. “About driving a gasoline engine in Winter Falls.”

My nose wrinkles. “Gasoline engine?”

He sighs. “You do know a car has an engine?”

I open my mouth to snark at him, but I snap it shut before the words rush out. I clear my throat. I am New and Improved Olivia. I no longer rant at police officers. Even when they deserve it.

“I’m aware, but I don’t understand why we’re discussing driving a gasoline engine in town.”

“I guess your family didn’t tell you about Winter Falls after all.”

The way he says family makes me think he doesn’t believe I’m Beckett’s sister. Why would I claim to be the sister of a man if I’m not? Does he think I’m some sort of con artist? I wish. But I’m not a good enough actor to pull off a con. Plus, my mouth often has a mind of its own.  

“They didn’t mention gasoline engines.”

Huh. My comment comes out snark free. Maybe I could be a con artist after all. Too bad New and Improved Olivia promised to walk on the right side of the law.

He motions to the front of the car. “This car has a gasoline engine.” He cocks an eyebrow at me and I nod. “Gasoline engines are forbidden in Winter Falls.”

My eyes widen. “As in no one in town has a car?”

I can’t believe neither Gabrielle nor Elizabeth mentioned this in all their raving about the town. Then again, we don’t exactly engage in long gabbing sessions. Our conversations usually involve a whole lot of me claiming to be fine before hanging up.

“Most people drive golf carts or use bikes.”

“But how do they get to town?”

“Tourists,” he spits the word out, “are allowed to drive to the Inn on Main. There’s a public parking area there.”

“Okay. Thank you for the information, Officer.”

He nods before putting on his sunglasses and strutting back to his car. I wish I could say I didn’t watch him walk away, but I’d be lying. This man’s ass is epic and worth all the ogling in the world. I’d love to squeeze it, but it’s pretty obvious he’s not a fan of mine. He didn’t even bother telling me his name. Rude.  

I frown as I switch the engine on and drive away. I don’t understand why my sisters are gaga about this town. Although, if all the men are as good-looking as the grumpy police officer, I can understand the appeal. I’ll put up with a buttload of grump for a sexy man.

Police officers are off limits, Past Olivia reminds me. As if I need the reminder.

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