My top 5 favorite reactions to people learning I’m a writer #FridayFun #AmWriting

If you’ve ever read my blog, then you know I’m hesitant to tell people I’m a writer. (There are a ton of reasons – read about them here.) Eventually I stop hemming and hawing and tell people I’m a writer. The responses vary from baffling to outrageous to just plain funny. Here are my top five in descending order:

Uninterested. This is by far my least favorite reaction – people who just walk away or change the subject once they learn you’re self-published. Do they not realize by self-published I do it all? I’m responsible for every single aspect of writing, publishing, and marketing. Yeah, totally not impressive or anything.

response to author 5

Dismissive. I want to write a book too. This one makes me want to tear my hair out and scream. Like it’s so easy to write a book? Nothing to it, I just haven’t had time to get around to it. Grrrrr….

response to author 4

Confused. Like a published author? I seriously don’t know what the deal is with this, but I’m thinking it’s a Dutch thing because this is the most popular response Dutch people have to my saying I’m a writer. They are shocked (not awed) that I publish books.

response to author 3

Curious. Do you write sex? For some reason, everyone is convinced that we indie writers only write about sex. And not just sex but 50 Shades kind of sex. Seriously? I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m all excited that I managed to talk about a man’s … erm … excitement in my latest book.

response to author 2

Awestruck. Are you famous? Okay, I’ll be honest. This actually only happened to me once. It was THE BEST. Of course, I’m not famous but the idea that someone thought I could be – after an evening of storytelling, drinking, and laughing – made me super happy. I obviously hadn’t embarrassed myself. Go me!

response to author 1

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    1. That’s my fantasy. Unfortunately, not my reality. Well, except for the one woman at the New Year’s Eve party who thought I was famous. I do wonder if she had imbibed a bit too much.

  1. I’m asked if they can find my books on Amazon. I don’t know what those people think being a published author means if it doesn’t include being available on Amazon. The other question I get is do I write under my own name. I like to think that’s because they’re expecting to have heard of whatever pen name I’m going to tell them I write under, because they haven’t heard of me. Quite how I could come up with a better name than my own for an author of romance novels I don’t know.

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