London Book Fair ~ Come for the atmosphere, Stay for the Networking #LBF19 #WriterWednesday #BookMarketing #ByteTheBook

Hello! *Waves* I’m back at the London Book Fair for the second time.

lbf 6

Last year, I had a smashing time at the fair. But is it worth attending two years in a row? Or, frankly, at all?

If you’re looking for seminars to attend as an author, there are tons. This is my schedule for the week.

lbf 1

To be perfectly honest, however, I’ve been a bit disappointed in some of the seminars this year. They are a bit basic and many are repeats of last year. Is it still worth it to attend? Well, you can always rub elbows with famous authors – if that’s your thing.

lbf 3

And there’s at least one seminar I enjoyed yesterday. Call me a geek (it’s not an insult as I know I am!), but the lecture from Nielsen on trends in the publishing industry is always interesting.

lbf 4

But if that doesn’t float your boat, there is one reason every writer should attend the London Book fair – networking. There are authors to meet, agents to try and meet, and publishers to schmooze. I attended a networking event from ByteTheBook yesterday. I met some interesting people and there was wine. Win! Win!

lbf 5

Tonight SPF is hosting a drinks get together at a pub. Reason enough to attend right there! I saw the famous (or is it infamous?) Mark Dawson yesterday at the fair and – gulp! – put on my big girl panties and went to introduce myself. I’m sure he thought I was a total weirdo. Doesn’t matter. I did it!

If you’re at the fair, give me a shout.

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