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netflixI admit there have been many times in my life when I’ve stated, in a more than snooty voice, “Oh, television, I don’t watch that.” I don’t know where the snooty voice came from as my lack of television watching inevitably had nothing to do with my looking my nose down upon it. When I was practicing law, I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to watch anything. When we lived in Germany, the slightest wind would cause our satellite dish to lose reception. In Istanbul, we had so few English-language stations, it wasn’t worth the bother. Now that I’m in The Netherlands, I finally have television in several languages I speak as well as easy access to Netflix. And yet, I’ve still claimed for the past several months, “I don’t watch television.” As if watching television makes you less of a person or something. That wasn’t my intention. I just preferred books to the tv.

Recently, however, my viewpoint has changed. I’m currently overwhelmed with work in specific and life in general. Writing a historical novel is incredibly time-consuming with all the research that comes with it. It doesn’t help that I’m obsessed with the details and can easily spend a morning researching the inside of a prison just to ensure one sentence in the novel is historically accurate. On top of that, I’m currently vice-president for a local expat group, which entails way more work than I expected. Then there’s the house in Germany that I run as a holiday let. Oh, and I actually have a social life (this shocks me as well). That doesn’t even take into consideration maintaining the dreaded ‘author platform’, marketing, and blogging.

netflix 2By the time Sunday rolls around, I’m exhausted and probably slightly hungover to boot. Usually, Sunday is my day for reading books I’ve promised to review but haven’t gotten around to yet. To be perfectly honest, though, reading has just felt like yet another work obligation to me these past weeks. I needed to de-stress and get some rest as well. But how?

The past two Sundays I’ve spent binge-watching shows on Netflix. I can honestly say that not only have I enjoyed myself, but I’ve been able to ignore the rest of the world for those hours. Television series may not be the most intellectual of endeavors, but sometimes you need to let your brain check out for a while. Although – to my relief – I notice I can only handle one and a half seasons of any show before I’m over it.

netflix 3

Any suggestions for shows I should binge-watch next week?

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little TV escape. We don’t have Netflix, but I loved binge-watching these: The Affair, The Leftovers and Boardwalk Empire. Since I work in a library, I can check out a season at a time! Happy watching!

  2. If you haven’t tried Stranger Things yet, I would suggest it. It has a great Stephen King vibe. I mostly use Netflix to rewatch shows from my childhood and endless documentaries. There are a lot of great shows from BBC there as well.

  3. I’m with Shelllelp, “Stranger Things” is a great show and the 2nd season was just released. I use Netflix to watch a lot of documentaries, too. The options aren’t endless, but sometimes you have to “search” for shows, because they don’t always come up under one of the categories. So, just be aware there are actually more shows available than what you see when you’re scrolling through.

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