In celebration of mysteries and thrillers, here are some of my favorite reads #MysteryWeek #AmReading #BookAddict #Mystery #Thriller

Whoo! Hoo! This week we are celebrating mystery week, which just happens to be one of my all-time favorite genres. I wonder why? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) I thought I’d share some of my favorite reads as part of the celebration. Not my all-time favorite reads, because that’s impossible. Yes, impossible. Because who can possibly pick just one book as a favorite?? Not this book addict. Anyway, here goes.


I went through this period in the military where I was obsessed with military and spy thrillers. OBSESSED. I blame it on the PX that only stocked these sorts of books. Did they even have a romance section?

After the military, I went to law school and promptly became obsessed with legal thrillers. P.S. I won’t even go near a book with a lawyer in it now. Not even a romance. Nope. *Crosses index fingers in front of her and backs away*

Cozy Mysteries

When I wrote Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem, readers started calling it a cozy mystery. Huh. What is that, I thought. I started reading a ton of cozy mysteries and fell in love with the genre. (FYI: I just finished my third cozy mystery series)

Favorite Funny Mysteries

My all-time favorite genre of mysteries is the funny mystery. Okay, that’s not really a genre, but it definitely should be!


How about you? What’s your favorite genre in the mystery and thriller field? And what are your favorite books in that genre?

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  1. Great selection! I prefer action-adventure thrillers with their stakes found in myth brought to life. (Like JF Penn’s ARKANE series.)

  2. I have just started reading cozy mysteries. I really love the funny ones. And if there are animals, all the better.

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