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My cleaner mentioned as she was leaving yesterday that she’d see me next week but not the week after as it’s Christmas. I laughed and may have rolled my eyes. It’s not Christmas yet, I quipped. She looked at me like I’m crazy and reassured me that yes, it is. Well, I checked my calendar after she left and lo and behold, she was right. It’s less than two weeks until Christmas. Where did November and December go? That said, I’m way late with this blog article. But maybe it will help anyway. So, without further ado, here are some of my Christmas marketing ideas for books.

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Write a Christmas novel. It’s a bit late for this idea and frankly I wasn’t sure this was a great idea anyway. Then, I went onto Amazon and looked at the top 100 cozy mysteries. There were a ton – a ton! – of Christmas-themed cozies. Most of these novels were part of ongoing series but featured a Christmas idea. Guess what I’m doing next year? Yep, writing a Christmas novella. I’m thinking of adding a short novella to my Death by Cupcake series.

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Add a Christmas cover to a wintery novel. This idea is more doable (assuming your graphic designer has time). Does one of your novels take place in the winter months? Add a Christmas cover and re-launch that sucker. Please note that Amazon is busy this time of year and it may take longer to get a new eBook approved and published on KDP. Experts advise having all changes for Christmas promotions uploaded before December 11th. That said I uploaded a new boxed set yesterday without any problems.

christmas marketing 2Christmas boxed set. Don’t have a Christmas novel? What about making a boxed set instead? Readers are looking for bargains this time of year and what better bargain is there than a boxed set. I actually followed my own advice (shocking, I know) and put out a first in series boxed set yesterday.

Christmas newsletter. Why not send out an extra newsletter with a Christmas theme? Make sure this newsletter isn’t just about selling your books. Instead, share Christmas or holiday related copy. For example, what’s your favorite Christmas memory? Your favorite Christmas recipe? Favorite movie, etc. Don’t be surprised if your open rates are lower than normal, though. People are busy this time of year (or so I’ve heard).

Hashtags. When you’re sharing any book marketing material in the month of December be sure to add the trending Christmas hashtags. Google Trends claims search terms related to “gifts” in the United States trend upward starting in early-mid November through Christmas Day.

christmas marketing 312 days of Christmas. Whether on your blog or social media, you can run a 12 days of Christmas promotion. Technically, the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas day itself, but purchasing takes a huge dip then, so I wouldn’t recommend being literal with this ‘12 days of Christmas’ idea. Instead, share holiday content each day of the 12 days before Christmas with your followers. (And now all I can think about is how I’m going to manage this!)

Christmas giveaway. A giveaway is always a great way to create buzz around a product. Why not try a giveaway with a holiday theme? Join together with other authors to create even more buzz.

What about you? What holiday-themed book marketing ideas do you have?



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  1. Like you, Christmas has crept up on me and I cannot believe we only have two weeks to go.
    The Christmas newsletter is something I wanted to do, so I’d better get cracking!

  2. Writing a Christmas novel is a great idea! I read about a dozen each year so I’ll be looking for one from you next year.

    However, while I thought changing the cover of a wintery novel to a Christmas themed one was a good idea, a writer friend of mine pointed out that could backfire. What if a fan thought you had a new book released, bought it and realized it was one they already had? They would probably be annoyed which could affect sales in the future.

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