How to tell if a loved one is addicted to reading

Unlike alcohol or drug addiction, those of us who are addicted to book are proud of our addiction – sometimes obnoxiously so. But what about our loved ones? How can you figure out if someone you care about is addicted to the written word? Here are some signs to look for. Caution is advised when questioning a potential book addict in any of these areas.

She thinks “I’m just finishing my book” is a perfect excuse for anything

She can’t go to bed if the heroine is suffering from heartbreak. She needs that HEA to be able to sleep.

She has more than one kindle – in case of catastrophe (otherwise known as an empty battery)

She bitches and complains when she has to turn off her kindle at take-off and landing. It’s not like she’s endangering anyone or anything.

Wherever you are in the world, she manages to find a bookstore

She complains during the entire cinematic adaptation of a book

She regularly complains she has a book hangover.

She has more samples of books on her kindle than books most people manage to read in a lifetime

She checks her wish list daily to see if anything on the list has somehow managed to be released without her knowledge.

She follows numerous authors to make sure she doesn’t miss a single book by her favorite writers.


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