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Day 2 of the twelve days of Christmas has arrived. Today, I’m sharing the best gifts for the reader in your life. I love having readers on my gift list. They are so much fun to buy for! Here are some great gift ideas:

#1 Books – That’s an obvious one. Hold on a second, though! One thing I really, really hate is when someone buys me a book because they loved it not realizing that I don’t read that genre. So, go ahead and buy that book for the reader on your list but make sure it’s a book they want to read.

Christmas 4#2 Book gift card – This is my favorite one to receive! If you’re not sure what book your reader friends wants to read, a book gift card is the best. Here in the Netherlands, they have the boekenbon. It’s a gift card that can be used at any bookstore in the country. Awesome, right? If that doesn’t work for you because you are not lucky enough to be an expat living in Holland, you can always get a kindle gift card (or a gift card for whatever bookstore your reader frequents).

#3 EReader – OMG! This is the best present! A word of caution. There are those readers out there who are anti-ereader. I know, because I was one of those. And then I discovered that for the price of the cheapest ereader (around $50), I could read all winter for free. If you’re a book addict who is buying books every week, an ereader can be a necessity. Not all of us have money trees in our backyards!

Okay, that’s it for the obvious gifts for the reader in your life. Now, for the fun stuff.

A book clutch: How adorable are these? $78 from BAGatelle studio.

Christmas 5

Vintage Book Cover Locket: Know a reader’s favorite book? Why not grab one of these cute lockets from the Locket Library for €15?

Christmas 6

Fairytale bookmark: These are sooo cute. I may have to buy one for myself. The wicked witch is my favorite. Grab one for $25 from here.

Christmas 7

Folding booklamp: I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. Grab this one off Amazon for $27.

christmas 8

Your new favorite recipes: This is a cool idea! Recipes from your favorite books. I know some readers who would love this book.

christmas 9

Superhero Bookend. This is not your average bookend. I want supergal to save my books! (Full disclosure: There are other superheros)

christmas 10

Book phone wallets. Now that I’ve seen these, I’m pretty sure I need a new cover for my iPhone. I’m thinking Mary Poppins.

Christmas 11

Library Card Socks. No list would be complete without a pair of cool socks. I need these!

christmas 12

Bards Dispense Profanity Game. I admit. When I’m not reading and am forced to be social, I love to play games. This Shakespeare-inspire game looks like a good time!

Christmas 13


Temporary Tatoos. OMG! Who thought of this? It’s totally awesome for those of us not wanting to put permanent ink on ourselves. Grab them here.

Christmas 14

Off to do some shopping now! Happy 2nd day of Christmas!



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