Searching for Gertrude

How far would you go to find the woman you love?

When Gertrude is forced to flee Nazi Germany to Istanbul with her family, Rudolf is left behind. Despite the distance, he remains devoted to her. But then, her letters stop.

Eight years pass before Rudolf is able to follow Gertrude to Istanbul. Their reunion should be inevitable, but Rudolf can’t find her. He stumbles upon Rosalyn who immediately agrees to help him search for his lost love.

Willing to do anything in their search, they find themselves entangled with a British intelligence officer. As the danger increases and the search for Gertrude stretches on, Rudolf and Rosalyn grow close, but Rudolf gave his heart away long ago.

Will Rudolf and Rosalyn find Gertrude? Or will they find something even more valuable?

Looking for a book with romance, mystery, and espionage? Your search is over.

Laura Sandonato, Picking Books

A book which opened in such an exciting fashion so that it was hard to put down, right from the start.

~ N. N. Light

For anyone who has read DE Haggerty, you know that most of her books are lighthearted, funny as all get out and so entertaining-with this book we see the breadth of talent as a story creator she is.

~ Books Are Love

It’s 2am and I just can’t put it down.

~ Goodreads Reviewer

This WWII era story, set in Istanbul, is emotional, captivating and amazing.

~ Goodreads Reviewer

Gertrude continued to cry and hiccup in his arms. With his right hand, he smoothed her blonde curls while shushing her and murmuring nonsensical words into her ear. When her breaths became less erratic, he loosened his arms from around her before grabbing her hand and tugging her towards her parents. Avi and Rosa Liebster stood at the top of the stairs leading into their townhouse and watched them approach. 

Rudolf didn’t bother greeting them. “What’s going on?” 

Avi Liebster turned sad eyes on him. “Rudolf, my son, we can’t stay. You know this. Deep in your heart, you know this.” 

Words escaped him. He couldn’t lie to the man who he had always known would be his father-in-law. There wasn’t a moment of his life in which he didn’t know Gertrude would be his wife. Until now. Now, she was leaving. Without him. No, not without him. “I’ll come with you.” He turned to rush down the stairs intent on packing up his life. A hand on his shoulder stopped him. 

“You know that’s not possible.” The hand on his shoulder squeezed before dropping away. “Stay. Get an education. Become the man you are meant to become. You and Gertrude have time. When the time is right, you can join us.”

“Gertrude can stay with my family until …” His words petered out. Avi shook his head. He tried to implore Rosa with his eyes, but she turned away. “We can get married. She’ll be safe with me.” His desperate plea was met with silence.   

“Rudolf!” The sound of his father’s voice startled him.  

“Go,” Avi whispered. 

He turned to Gertrude. “I…” Words failed him. What could he possibly say to make things better? His eyes stung, and he took a deep breath before trying again. “I’ll come for you.” He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. “No matter what. I’ll find you, and we’ll be reunited.” 

She flung herself at him, and he caught her in his arms. Sobs wracked her body with such force, he could barely hold on. He tightened his arms around her and leaned against the wrought iron handrail of the stairs to steady himself. He took a deep breath and brought her honeysuckle smell into his lungs. 

“Rudolf.” His father’s voice came to him from one step below him. He turned to his father and watched as he nodded to the man standing behind him. 

“It’s time,” Avi Liebster whispered the words before gently untangling his daughter from Rudolf’s arms. His arms felt empty as Gertrude was pulled from him. Would they ever feel anything but empty from this moment forward?


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