Playing Pretend

Now taking applications for a fake partner
Requirement: Must be available ASAP

I just landed the job of my dreams. There’s only one little problem. My residency permit to live and work in Holland is about to get revoked.

I need to find a fake partner. Pronto.

Enter Matthijs. He jumps into the role despite our meet and greet ending in tears and chocolate stains. Don’t ask.

Except Matthijs isn’t interested in anything fake. The six-foot-five police officer who plays rugby in his free time can’t possibly be serious.

But when he looks at me with those bright blue eyes and calls me honey with that sexy accent, I forget all of the reasons why our relationship has to be fake.

Am I wrong? Can this fake relationship turn into my happily ever after?

This fake relationship romantic comedy features a woman whose self-confidence has gone south for the winter, a rugby playing mountain of a man determined to delete the fake in their relationship, and two nosy friends who think meddling in a friend’s life is included in the definition of friend.

Each book in the Love in the Lowlands romantic comedy series can be read as a standalone.

Previously published as Double Dutch

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I find Matthijs standing at the stove when I walk into the kitchen. As much as I’d like to whirl around and make my escape, I can’t. 

He looks over at me and the corners of his lips turn up. My heart skips a beat at the warmth in his face. No, heart. We are not skipping beats for this man. My heart has no idea why not and decides to beat faster as Matthijs walks to me. He palms my neck and kisses my forehead. 

“Good morning. I made you breakfast.” 

My eyes widen. “You made me breakfast? You?” 

I don’t expect a man who’s six-five and full of big, burly muscles to make breakfast. 

“Are you making fun of my cooking skills?” 

“I’m reserving my opinion,” I say and toss him a wink. 

What am I doing? No flirting with the hot guy I’m living with and pretending to date. But I could date him, date him. He’s made it obvious he’s open to the idea. I shake my head. I don’t need the crazy ideas in my head on my first day of school.

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