Perfect Bragg

I’ll do anything to keep custody of my cousin’s baby. Even marry the man I want but can never have.

Love and marriage are not for me. Not when it’s my fault I no longer have a family.

If anyone can make me change my mind, it’s Elder Bragg. Those long lean legs, sparkling brown eyes, and that dang dimple on his right cheek are hard to resist.

But resist I must. So, when he asks me out, I push him into the friend-zone faster than Lucy the llama can run.

Everything changes when my cousin dies and I’m granted custody of her baby. The second I look down at Robin I realize I will do anything to protect this baby.

Even marry Elder to keep Robin when her biological dad shows up and demands custody.

Elder thinks our marriage is a chance to start a relationship. Not likely. This marriage is FAKE.

If only I could stop imagining how his lips would feel on mine.

This fake marriage, friends to lovers, small town romantic comedy features an introverted woman who would rather spend her day chasing Lucy the llama than go out on a date with a man, a man who knows what he wants but is too chicken to go for it, five brothers who think it’s hilarious to watch their brother run scared from a tiny baby, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi.

Perfect Bragg is a standalone novel in the Bragg Brothers series.

a romcom near perfection. This witty, fun and full on entertainment romcom drew me in and had me glued to my device whenever and wherever I could. This quirky small town is constant entertainment and overflowing with well-meaning meddling. Elder and Harmony didn’t stand a chance.”

Hilarious and funny with a few past secrets that make you want to reach through the pages to give both of these hurting characters a hug and tell them you got them. This one has me crying for theses two characters and the way they both are scared of relationships but with jokes and love comes the best match ever. Oh I can not wait for the next book. ”

“If you like small town, friends to lovers, marriage of convenience then you will love this one. This was an amazing book definitely worth the read!!”

“all my favorite things….I highly recommend! ”

“I want to live in this town. To meet all of the town people. This couple was another great one. Loved it from the start and will want to read more of these brothers. Good story and lovely couple.”

“I always struggle with how to start these reviews without sounding too excited, but this series is one that I honestly can’t help but be impatient to read! The world building of Winter Falls is fantastic, and D.E Haggerty has created such a unique setting for her stories.”

“Love this author and this town! Can’t wait for more! ”

“Brilliant storyline, fantastic characters, and absolutely loved the HEA. ”

“This is supposed to be fake.”

“Darling, there was nothing fake about that kiss.”

Elder has to point out the truth? He can’t join me over here in the land of denial? There aren’t any scary booby traps on this side.

“We agreed this marriage is a sham.”

“I wouldn’t use the word sham.”

“We have rules and everything,” I remind him.

I try to stand but Elder tightens his hold on my hips. “Hold on. Let’s discuss this.”

“Discuss what? We have rules for a reason.”

“What reason?”

I cross my arms over my chest. “Because.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Because why?”

Does he think I’m going to confess all my deep dark secrets to him? Not hardly.

“Because I said so.”

He chuckles. “Okay. Let’s skip this discussion.” I blow out a breath in relief. “For now.” So much for a breath of relief.

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