My Forever Plan

Ruby has no intention of falling in love. Not when she’s off to join the Peace Corps soon. Too bad fate has other plans for her. 

When I bump into Daniel at a Peace Corps presentation, I immediately think he’s the perfect man to have a summer fling with before I head off to parts unknown. 

But when it takes longer than I expect to get an assignment, Daniel asks me to go with him to Winter Falls – a hippie commune in need of legal help. Since I have nothing better to do, I tag along.

Mistake. Big mistake. I fall head over heels for the quirky town where helping to save the Earth is obligatory, but pants are optional. 

When my Peace Corps assignment finally comes through, I have to decide – go off and save the world as I’ve dreamed of since I was seven or stay in Winter Falls with the man I’m falling in love with? 

Can my summer plan become My Forever Plan? And, more importantly, do I want it to? 

This small town romantic comedy novella features a woman with a save-the-world complex, a man who’s willing to give her everything she wants even if what she wants is to leave him, and a bunch of eccentric town inhabitants who wouldn’t know how to keep a secret if their lives depended on it. 

My Forever Plan is a prequel to the Winter Falls romantic comedy series.

I moan and he pushes his tongue past my lips to explore my mouth. His arms tighten around me and suddenly I’m surrounded by the taste and smell of everything Daniel. I could drown in it and not care the least.

“Knock, knock!” Someone shouts before the screen door creaks open. “Oops!”

I jump away from Daniel, but he grasps my hand and hauls me to his side before we turn together to meet our intruder.

“I’m sorry,” a woman standing in the doorway holding a casserole dish says. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. Unless you enjoy being watched, in which case, carry on. I will be your voyeur. I can stand here and watch two people in love all day long.”

“This town is crazy.”

The woman waggles her eyebrows. “But the good kind of crazy. Am I right?”

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