Molly’s Misadventures

I wish my vacuum cleaner sucked as much as dating. #datingsucks #datingfail #isthissupposedtobefun

When my life implodes, my girlfriend decides she has the perfect answer to all my problems – Internet dating. I wish she had warned me before my first date showed up at the door! Note to self: Never let my former best friend near my computer again.
Okay, fine. I’ll go on some stupid dates to shut the woman up. I’m sure dating for the first time in my thirties will be tons of fun and not embarrassing at all. Yeah, right.

If I’m being totally honest with myself, there’s only one man I want – my next-door neighbor Danny. The boy I’ve been crushing on since I was a dorky, braces-wearing, nose-buried-in-a-book teenager. He’s definitely not a boy any longer. Oh no, he is one fine man. And I do mean F-I-N-E fine. He’s also a single dad to an adorable little girl. Challenge accepted.

Buckle up, sit tight, and hit BUY NOW to follow Molly on her (mis)adventurous way to love.  

This laugh out loud single dad romance features a newly single woman forced back home to take care of Mr. Grumpy Pants aka her father, a single dad next door she’s only slightly obsessed with, and a best friend who doesn’t understand the meaning of boundaries. 

You won’t go wrong with this five star hilarious romantic comedy.

Molly’s Misadventures is a wonderful romp through the ups and downs of Molly, a character that is so real, she feels like one of your friends.
~Nerd Girl Official

I was delightfully entertained and maintained a near constant smirk while reading this book.

~ Books and Bindings

If you are looking for a book that will make you LOL, then look no further than this book!

~Storeybook Reviews

I settle on the swing, and Danny pours me a glass a wine. “Ah, I needed that after today.” 

“What was bad about today?” 

“I went on a lunch date with a vegan.” My nose scrunches of its own accord at the word vegan.

“Like no meat, fish, or dairy? That kind of vegan?” 

“Apparently, that’s the only kind. I take you didn’t see my blog then.” 

He shakes his head. “Nah, I didn’t have time. I’ll read it tonight before I go to bed.”

“You don’t have to read it. I was only asking.” 

“Of course, I’ll read it.” He clears his throat and turns to me. “I was going to ask you something about your blog.” I raise an eyebrow at him. “Why don’t you ever blog about me?”

I nearly choke on my wine. “Blog about you? The blogs are about my dates.” 

“Babe, pay attention.” He pinches my chin. “What do you think we’re doing?”

My eyes nearly pop out of my head. “Being good friends?”

He shakes his head. “Um, no. I’m wooing you.”

“Wooing me?” 

“Yeah, wooing.” He points between us. “Do you think I drink wine on my porch with just anyone?”

I’m confused. “You don’t like wine?”

He chuckles. “Look at me. I’m a single guy with a kid. Why would I have wine in the house?”

The dominoes begin to fall in place. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh. Come over here.”

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