How to Date a Rockstar

Fall back in love with the rockstar who broke my heart? Never happening.

Live with him for a year to save my grandma’s house? That’s a different story…

When my beloved grandma dies, I travel to the small town of Winter Falls to settle her affairs. The last thing I expect is to find a man in her shower.

Worse yet? The man is Cash Evans. Singer of the world-famous Cash & the Sinners. And the boy who broke my heart at our high school graduation.

Cash thinks he can bat those gray eyes at me, and I’ll jump into his strong arms.

He’s wrong. He broke my heart once. I’m not letting him do it again.

I don’t care how he’s some hotshot rockstar now. How his eyes warm when they look at me. How my body heats when he touches me. How he claims he didn’t dump me to become a rockstar.

Good thing I’m leaving Winter Falls as soon as I sell Grandma’s house.

But Grandma’s up to her old tricks. According to her will, I have to live in her house for a year or it will be destroyed.

And Cash has a rental agreement to live in the same house while his band records their next album.

How am I going to resist temptation when I’m forced to live in the same house with Cash? When he walks around in nothing but boxer shorts showing off all those hard muscles and making me forget about my broken heart?

This second chance, forced proximity, rockstar, small town romantic comedy features a woman who doesn’t want to want a rockstar but can’t help herself, a rockstar who’s determined to get his girl back even if it means putting up with her demon cat, four bandmates who think watching Cash chase Indigo is a hoot, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi.

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Someone using Grandma’s shower without her permission? I don’t think so.

I haul the shower curtain open. “What do you think you’re doing?”

The man whirls around. His eyes widen when he sees me. As do mine.

This can’t be happening. I must have fallen asleep on the plane from San Diego to Denver. No way is he in my grandma’s bathroom. Cash Evans. The rockstar sensation of Cash & The Sinners. And my high school sweetheart who dumped me on graduation day.

I pinch myself and yelp. Darn it. I’m awake. This is really happening. My life sucks.

I can’t help but notice Cash is no longer the boy I fell in love with. He’s a man. His gray eyes that used to sparkle when he looked at me now have laugh lines. The bump on his nose from a brawl he had after a concert is new.

The boy I knew couldn’t grow a beard, but this man standing before me has several days of growth on his chin and cheeks. The look suits him.

My gaze travels further to his chest. Oh my. The skinny boy I gave my virginity to no longer exists. This man is all lean, sinewy muscle. My fingers tingle with the need to touch him. To feel every single inch of his skin.

My heart speeds up and warmth spreads throughout my body at the memory of nights spent in this man’s arms.

I force those thoughts out of my mind. No, not this man. I don’t know this man. The boy I knew no longer exists. He hasn’t for a long time.

I growl at Cash. “What are you doing here?”

Katy Purry snarls at him.

Cash points to my kitty. “What the hell is that?”

I cuddle her close. “This is Katy Purry.”

“Katy Purry?” He spits out. “You named your cat after a pop star? A pop star?”

“Do not start with me. My musical taste is not up for discussion.”

He snorts. “Taste?”

I stomp my foot. “We are not discussing what music I listen to. We are never discussing what music I listen to. What are you doing in my shower?”

He gulps. “Your shower?”

“Have all those concerts caused hearing loss?” I point to myself. “My shower.”

“But I’m renting this house.”

“You can’t be renting this house. My grandma owns it.”

“Grandma Saffron?” He smiles. “I can’t wait to meet her.”

My breath hitches and tears well in my eyes. “You can’t meet her. You can never meet her. She’s gone.”

“I’m sorry, Indy.” Warmth fills those gray eyes and he reaches for me. I step back. He can’t touch me. If he touches me, I’ll end up naked in the shower with him. No can do.

Katy Purry must agree as she snarls. I tighten my hold but she’s a kitty on a mission. She launches from my arms straight at Cash.

He bats her away as he steps back. His foot slips on the shower floor and he flails his arms to keep his balance. Katy Purry lands on his chest and tips him over. They slam to the floor of the shower.

My kitty bats at his face and he grasps her to hold her away from him.

“Save me! Your kitten is the devil.”

I stare at him wriggling on the floor while trying to keep my kitty from clawing him. I wish I was the type of person who could be cold and cruel and get her revenge by allowing my cat to claw him until red welts appear all over his body. But I’m not.

I throw a towel over him before snatching Kity Purry from his hands.

“Get dressed. We need to talk.”

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