How to Catch a Rockstar

The drummer for Cash & the Sinners is an arrogant jerk. He’s also the father of my baby.

Since the first time I gazed into Jett’s piercing blue eyes, I’ve dreamed about running my hands over every inch of his toned muscles while tracing his tattoos with my tongue. Too bad he’s the supreme jerk of the universe.

But I can’t walk away from him. Not when I’m the personal assistant for the legendary band Cash & the Sinners and Jett is their drummer.

So when Jett gets injured and the band is three states away, I’m the one rushing to the hospital. The one taking him home to care for him.

I might have taken too good of care for him since I’m now knocked up.

When I travel to the small town of Winter Falls to tell him about the baby, Jett loses his mind. Told you he’s a jerk.

My boss is an even bigger jerk when he finds out I fraternized with a member of the band I’m managing. Now, my job is on the line and I have nowhere to live.

Somehow I end up staying in Jett’s house. The father of my baby who wants nothing to do with me isn’t exactly thrilled about this development. Neither am I.

I don’t know how we’re going to survive this living situation. Someone should probably hide the knives.

All I know is this is not how to catch a rockstar.

This surprise pregnancy, forced proximity, rockstar romcom features a feisty assistant who thinks she has everything under control but couldn’t be more wrong, a drummer who’s running so fast from his past that he doesn’t see the possibility of the beautiful future that’s right in front of him, four bandmates who don’t hesitate to meddle in the mess their drummer has created, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi. 


I jump down the porch into the front yard.

“Can you catch a snowflake on your tongue?” I don’t wait for Aurora to answer before tilting my head back and sticking out my tongue. “There. Got one.”

“You have the maturity of a five-year-old.”

I bow. “Thank you. Last week you said I was four. I’m maturing.”

“As much as a boy stuck in a man’s body can mature.”

I wiggle my hips. “But what a body it is.”

She shoves me. “Man child.”

“Can I man child do this?” I ask before doing a cartwheel.

She holds up six fingers. “Six out of ten.”

“Six? I can do better.”

This time I do a roundoff. When I land on both feet, I raise my hands in the air before bowing.

Aurora claps. “Better. Definitely a six point two.”

“A six point two? I’ll show you a six point two,” I mutter before attacking her ribs.

She giggles as she tries to push me away. “Don’t. I’ll pee my pants.”

I freeze. “Do pregnant women have bladder issues?”

“Nope. But I got you to stop, didn’t I?”

I go after her again but she flees from me. I give chase. Of course, I do. I will always chase Aurora.

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