Bragg’s Truth

Riley thinks he can just show up in Winter Falls and I’ll jump straight into his arms excited he’s returned to me. Mr. Can’t Answer His Phone For Three Months is more likely to get a slap in the face.   

My dream of running my own restaurant is finally coming true. Nothing can stop me now. So what if my contractor up and quit and my handyman needs a break? I got this.

But then the pipes in the diner break.

Of freaking course, that’s the moment Riley shows up. He looks like an advertisement for the Sexy Handyman Weekly with his plaid shirt open to reveal all those hard muscles while I’m covered in toilet water.

Riley needs to turn his tight behind right back around and leave, because I’m not falling into his trap again. I may have gazed into his ocean-blue eyes and fallen instantly in love before, but I know better now. He has no staying power.

I don’t care how many crazy stunts the busybodies of my quirky hometown pull. They can’t convince me to give him a second chance. I’m sticking to my decision no matter how much I long for the comfort of Riley’s arms.

But when he reveals the reason he left me, I start to wonder….

Maybe Riley does deserve another chance.

This second chance small town romantic comedy features a woman who’s been abandoned too many times in the past and isn’t willing to risk it again, a handyman who knows he screwed up but isn’t going to let the love of his life get away again, five brothers who think it’s hilarious to watch their brother get turned down by the woman he loves over and over again, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi.  

Bragg’s Truth is a standalone novel in The Bragg Brothers Series.

“Loved it!! Hilarious… going to love each of the Bragg brother’s, can’t wait!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Riley and Moon’s love story. Will she…. won’t she, give Riley a second or maybe third chance? Brilliant storyline, fantastic characters and absolutely loved the HEA.”

“Omg! This Bragg brother is hysterical and the dynamics between the brothers keep you on your toes. Another fun story in my favorite town – I highly recommend! You will enjoy the persistence of true love mixed in the middle of a zany cast of characters that will keep a smile on your face.”

“Once again this author has out done herself. What an excellent read. I really enjoy Second Chance romances.”

“The little town of Winter Falls is full of quirky characters, fun banter and pranks. The story has plenty of feelings, heat, romance and plenty of Winter Falls’ warmth, humor, love and weirdness. Really enjoyed it!”

“I want to live in this town and never leave it. These people and town folks are just the best. You feel like you are a part of them. This book was a another good one. I found an author that I can keep on coming back to over and over again.”

“The banter between the siblings and characters is written in a way that puts the reader right in the middle of everything. Love that!”

“fantastic book! I highly recommend”

“I really enjoyed this book. I love the camaraderie with the brothers.”

Riley grasps my chin and bends down to meet my eyes. “You’re not going bankrupt and you’re not leaving Winter Falls.”  

“Easy for you to say. You’re made of money.” 

“I am?” He pats his stomach. “Feels like skin and bones to me. You want to touch for yourself to check?” 

I bite my bottom lip. Touch those six-pack abs? I’m not an idiot. Yeah, I want to touch them. I reach toward him. My hand is nearly on his body when I realize what I’m doing. Falling into his trap again.

“Are you some kind of magician?”

“Are you saying I have a magic wand?” He punches his hips. 

I roll my eyes so hard I’m surprised they don’t get stuck. “You’re a goofball.” 

“Correction. I’m a charming goofball.” 

“Whatever. Are you going to work sometime today or are you going to strut around like a peacock all day long? I’m not paying you for your looks.” 

He feigns flipping his hair. “The looks are free.”   

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