Bragg’s Love

He’s the grumpy beer master trying to expand his business. She’s the hippie gardener standing in his way.

I can’t believe him! Miller Bragg is the biggest, jerkiest grump this side of the planet.

How dare he expand his brewery when he knows the expansion will ruin my gardens. Who does he think he is?

He claims the expansion won’t effect my business. But – as I’ve explained to him a million times before – it most certainly will!

I don’t care how much his biceps make me drool or how my knees go weak whenever he growls at me. I won’t let Mr. Grumpy Pants destroy my livelihood.

The town’s elderly matchmakers have their sights set on pairing me and Miller. They got this one wrong. The grump is my enemy – not my match.

I’ll show him. I’ll do whatever I must in order to stop the king of grumps from ruining me.

Bring it on, Miller. Bring. It. On.

This grumpy sunshine, enemies to lovers small town romantic comedy features a sunshiny gardener who can’t remember where her shoes are half the time but can definitely remember how the brewer next door is out to ruin her, a brewer who’s out to prove something and has no clue the havoc his decision will wreak, five brothers who think it’s hilarious to watch their brother get tied up in knots by a pint-sized gardener, and a whole town of hippies convinced they’re the best matchmakers this side of the Mississippi.

“D.E. Haggerty has done it again!! This book is another AMAZING addition to the little town of Winter Falls Collection!! We finally get to know the truth to Eden and Miller’s feud!! And the ending is beautiful!! A must read and must have addition to your D.E. Haggerty collection!!”

“I absolutely love the banter between the Bragg siblings! They are really funny. This one is very entertaining and easy to enjoy. I recommend this author, book, and series. Looking forward to the next Bragg love connection.”

“This well crafted story of enemies to lovers had me gripped, and at times, laughing out loud. I loved the way the two antagonists, with help from friends and family, came to sort out their differences. Loved this book and finished reading in a record time.”

“Grumpy/Sunshine – yes, please. Loved that Mr. Grumpy pants fell hard first and was determined to get his girl to turn her sunshine his way.” 

“a well written story that draws the reader in to both the characters the town and more importantly the romance with light hearted jokes, writing that really draws any reader into the story.”

“Holy moly I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Love this series! Love this author!”

“Winter Falls has become my favorite fictional town in the (imaginary) world. Add some great friendships, big extended families, adorable gossiping meddling matchmakers, betting on anything, town meetings, and festivals, and it makes a place I would never leave. All the Winter Falls series books should be made into a TV series. Seriously. I would watch, definitely.”

“The second in an already fantastic series. As soon as this one hit my kindle, I was very excited to read it, I pretty much dropped everything to get to it. And boy, did it not disappoint.”

“I love [this] story. I couldn’t put the book down. Great characters that will pull you into their story and pulls at your heart strings and emotions! This story has drama, heart, hope, love and family. The story flowed effortlessly with a few twists and turns that will keep you glued from start to finish.”

“Miller and Eden’s story is absolutely brilliant. Brilliant storyline, loveable characters, and absolutely loved the HEA.”

“Mr. Cranky Pants hates me all right.”

“How can pants be cranky?” Miller asks.

“Grumpy pants then.”

“If pants can’t be cranky, how can they be grumpy?”

“You do the impossible, Grumpasaurus.”

“Now, I’m a dinosaur?”

I shrug. “If the spikes fit.”

Miller’s nostrils flare. “I’ll show you spikes.”

Brody raises his hand. “Can we all see?”

“No,” Riley objects. “Moon is not observing Miller’s spikes.”

“Olivia either,” Peace adds.

Moon giggles. “This is so much fun.”

I sniff. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can I have some tater tots?”

Miller grabs my plate and fills it with tater tots. When he hands it back, he leans close to whisper in my air. “Sorry to disappoint, but there is no piercing.”

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