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Title: Back in My Life

Author: Marie C.R.

Published: February 27, 2016

Genre: Romance / Erotica

~ Synopsis ~

Back in my Life is a story set in the beautiful cities of New York and Chicago. This story is not the typical and simple “boy meets girl, boy and girl get marry story.” This story is a powerful story that shows how real and unselfish love truly looks like. The love between Ruby and Clyde is an amazing and genuine love that survived everything that came in between them—even the most painful experiences that destiny had planned for them.

During a college internship at a prestigious New York magazine, Ruby Sparks (a journalist graduate student from Chicago) meets Clyde Holt, (a fellow intern and a creative photography student from a London based college) whom from day one became Ruby’s obsession and the new reason for her existence. After developing strong feelings for her emotionally unavailable friend, Ruby finds herself trapped in a whirlpool of emotions while trying to earn her friend’s love. What Ruby doesn’t know is that while she is looking for true love, Clyde’s presence in her life came with a different purpose.


~ Excerpt ~

 “Clyde, can I ask you a question?” asked Ruby while Clyde was about to open the door of her room to help her in.

“Yes, Ruby. You can ask me a question. But first, I need to get you in your room. You are too drunk to even stand for yourself,” said Clyde managing to open the door with one hand while holding Ruby with his other arm, making sure that she didn’t fall.
“Do you like me?” 
“Ruby, please stop. Now is not the time for that,” said Clyde moving both of them inside of Ruby’s room and closing the door behind them.
“Please, tell me, Clyde, do you like me? Because I like you, Clyde. I really do,” said Ruby stumbling across the room still holding on to Clyde’s arm.  
“Ruby, please. Let’s not talk about that now. I need to get you safe into your bed. Tomorrow, we can talk.”
“No, Clyde, I want to talk now. I need to know if you like me. I love you, Clyde. I do. And I can’t stand the way you look at me sometimes. The way you look at me tells me that you do like me, that you do feel something for me, but the way you act toward me tell me something else. I am confused, Clyde. I need to know what’s on your mind or I will go crazy,” yelled Ruby, unable to control the tears rolling down her cheeks while sitting at the edge of the bed. “Please, Clyde, I need to know. I need to know.”
Grabbing his hair with both of his hands and walking nervously around the room, Clyde came to the conclusion that it was time to tell the truth. It was time to tell Ruby how he felt. It was time to open his heart to her and let her know how important she was for him.
“Ruby, yes, I do like you. In fact, I love you. I am madly in love with you. But this can’t happen. I am a married man. I have to admit that I am not happy in my marriage. Actually, I don’t even know if I want to be in that marriage anymore, because my wife…she cheated on me, Ruby. Yes, I found her in bed with another man. My wife was having sex with another man in our own bed. There you have it. That’s the truth of my marriage. But you want to know why I can’t be with you? Because I think she is expecting my child. And if that’s the case, I need to be there for that kid, even if it means to stay with my her in a loveless fucking marriage,” yelled Clyde at the same moment he sat next to Ruby on the edge of the bed and while covering his face with both of his hands to cover the tears that were rolling down his face. He had finally told her the truth. At least one truth, the one about his marriage. Unfortunately, the other truth—the one about his job—that one he couldn’t tell. So he didn’t.
After hearing Clyde tell her his story, his secret, she felt bad. She knew something was happening in Clyde’s life, but she never imagined the magnitude of it. At first, she blamed everything on her being drunk and unable to understand correctly, but seeing Clyde’s terrible expression on his face proved to her that she had heard correctly. Clyde had just told her the truth and she felt bad for him, so bad that even in her drunken stage she tried to provide support to him, even when all she wanted, at that moment, was for him to make love to her and to forget about the pain he was carrying around.   
“I am sorry to hear that, Clyde. I never meant to—”
“Stop! Please, stop. I don’t want to ruin the night with this,” gently said Clyde finally looking at Ruby with his face covered with tears. “I wanted this night to be special for you. I wanted you to have fun.”
“And I did, Clyde. I did. But I also needed to know the truth. I needed to know the reason of your empty-looking eyes. Now I know, and I want you to know that I love you with all my heart, Clyde. I will always do so. I hope that one day you can find that happiness that you deserve,” said Ruby while bringing her friend close to her and giving him a tender hug. “Everything is going to be okay, Clyde. I promise.” 
What happened next was exactly what Clyde was trying to avoid since the moment he laid his eyes on Ruby. Having her there with him made him crave her touch even more, and without been able to control the furious passion that swamped his body, he grabbed her in his arms and with an uncontrollable desire, he started devouring her lips like he had never done to anyone before. In his mind, he knew that he needed to stop, but his body wasn’t responding to none of his commands.
“Clyde, I can’t believe I have you in my arms. Kiss me, please. Kiss me and never stop.”
Shhh, kiss me, Ruby. I want to taste you, I want to feel you.”
“Made me yours, Clyde. I want to be yours.”
“I am planning to, Ruby. I am planning to. Just kiss me, my dear and I promise you, I will make you mine. All mine.”
“I want to be yours, Clyde. I want to make you forget. Use my body to forget, Clyde, and I promise you that when we wake up tomorrow, things will be different. I promise you, my love. Make me yours. I want to feel you inside of me. That’s all I have been thinking about since the first moment I met you.”
Shhhh! Stop talking and enjoy the moment. Let the future take its course. But promise me that whatever happens between us tonight, you will never forget me. Promise me, Ruby. Promise me.”
“I promise you, Clyde. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart. But please make me yours. I can’t wait any longer, Clyde. Make me yours, I beg you.”
So he did.

~ About the Author ~


I have been writing for pleasure for the past couple of years, but this is the first time I do a book tour so I am very excited for it. Writing is my passion, and I enjoy using real-life stories as the basis for my novels, but giving them a little twist to make them more melodramatic and breath-taking. I am also the author of Pamela’s Confessions and Confesiones del Alma. I currently live in Florida with my husband and three children.

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