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There are very few authors who inspire me to read everything they write. Katie Reus is one of the few. I was super excited when I managed to get my grubby hands on an ARC copy of Darkness Rising. I’ve read (and maybe re-read) all the books in the Darkness series. Vampires, Dragons, Demons, Wolves, oh my! Darkness Rising sounded like a great addition to the series.

~ Blurb ~

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~ Review ~

I was a little worried about this final novel. No where in the blurb does it mention any of the wonderful characters I’ve fallen in love with during the reading of this series. No need to worry. This story is perfectly interwoven with the past characters of the series. And sometimes in a surprising way!

What can I say about Reaper? I’d totally let him eat crackers in my bed. Sure, he was gruff. But give the guy a break. He’s been in deep hibernation for hundreds of years. The modern age confuses me. It must downright confound him. Good thing he has some old friends to help him out along the way. I’m not sure why Greer didn’t jump him the moment she could. She had her reasons, for sure, I just didn’t think they were worth ignoring the sexy man for.

darkness rising 2One of the things I love about this series is that the romance is only one element of the story. Sure, it’s a big element but not the only one. There’s always some kind of suspense or mystery happening as well. Darkness Rising is no different. There is something very evil going on and it’s up to Greer and any other ancients he can manage to gather together to stop it.

The ending is surprising. Yep, didn’t expect that to happen. I didn’t want this book to finish. After all, it’s the final novel of the Darkness series. I feel like my friends are moving away. Please, don’t go. Luckily, Reus has promised us more novels with our favorite characters in a spin-off series.


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